The Most Common Fear In The Bedroom Is...

What's your worst fear during sex? Maybe it's about not orgasming, maybe you have body hangups, maybe you're worried about the condom breaking — the important thing is to remember that you're not alone. Most of the fears that go through your head are so, so common. It's a shame, because the bedroom should be such a relaxed and playful place, but at least you know you're in good company. And if you have any doubt, Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed 2,000 men and women from across American and Europe to reveal our worst fears during sex, so you can see just how common they are.

There some clear differences between men and women and also between Americans and Europeans. Some of the differences are ones you might expect — men, in America and Europe, were more worried about their partner not achieving their orgasms than their female counterparts. Some were less predictable, like both women and men in Europe were more worried about calling their partners by someone else's name than Americans were.

But like I said, most fears are universal. Here are the top seven sex fears overall, because we all are concerned about our health and our confidence:

1. Your Partner Has An STI

Ranked at 6.9 out of a 10 point fear rating, STIs were the number one fear. Sadly, the number one fear for women was that their partner wouldn't want to wear a condom— which shouldn't even be a question if that's what they want. But the number one for men (and overall) was about having an STI, so the idea that they wouldn't want to wear a condom seems ridiculous.

2. The Condom Will Break Or You'll End Up Pregnant

A 6.0 on the fear factor scale was the condom breaking or pregnancy. I'm surprised it wasn't higher actually, because that would top the list of most of my friends.

3. Your Partner Will Find You Unattractive When You're Naked

Perhaps the most sex universal fear, it ranked 5.5 on the fear scale.

4. Your Partner Won't Have An Orgasm Or Be Satisfied

This ranked 5.3 on the scale, but like I said there was a big split here between men and women.

5. You Are Bad At Sex

I think this is another one that everyone has had at one time or another, especially when you're new to sex. It scored 4.8 on the scale.

6. It Will Be Awkward After Sex

This one made me smile because it is true of 99 percent of my sexual encounters. For me it's just par for the course, but for others it scored a 4.4.

7. An Embarrassing Bodily Function Will Occur During Sex

Bodily functions happen to everyone, which is maybe why it only ranked as 4.3 on the fear scale. Queefs happen, people. Get on board.

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Giphy (7)