Signs That Tommen Will Die On 'Game Of Thrones' Hint That His Days Are Numbered

I can't be the only Game Of Thrones fan who has been starting to actively root for "King" Tommen to meet his maker. I mean, let's be real here, the kid is starting to become more than a pain and is now messing with the entire kingdom. Yes, I realize that he is essentially an embryo and rooting for his untimely demise is probably not super awesome on my part, but I staunchly stand by this. Tommen is definitely going to die on Game of Thrones, and there have been many clues to back up this inevitable outcome.

I'm thinking that Tommen may even come to an end as soon as this season. That's right, I don't see him lasting very much longer at all. His naïveté and his inability to be an effective ruler is only going to sustain him for so long before it turns around and bites him in the tush. In this past episode, entitled "No One," Tommen made some moves that truly sealed his fate, in my opinion. No one as sweet and seemingly simple as the young king can last very long in the brutal world of Game Of Thrones.

Here are some clues that point to Tommen's early exit.

His Gullible Nature

Margaery is snowing Tommen hard this season. I mean, last season she was well on her way to wrapping him strongly around her little finger, but unfortunately her reign of badassery was interrupted when she got thrown in jail. Luckily, she seems to be jumping right back into the game and already has Tommen jumping through religious hoops. Her power over him could lead to his downfall, since she'd likely sacrifice him before herself.

He Just Went Against Cersei

Perhaps his biggest faux pas was completely destroying his mother's sure fire method of winning her trial. Cersei named Zombie Mountain as her champion in her trial by combat and basically, she would have won without question. Tommen made the stupid move last week to completely ban the practice of trials by combat so that Cersei now had to face a legitimate trial, which she has no guarantee of winning. If she loses, he could be the one to sentence her to death. Cersei is simply not one to mess with, even if you are her child. Bad move, Tommen.

The Prophecy

Last season, we got a blast from the past when we saw Maggie The Frog give a young Cersei a rather dire prophecy. She basically told Cersei that she would be having three children and that all of them would die. Super bummer but that's seeming to be coming true. With Joffrey and Myrcella down for the count, Tommen is the last one left. He's got to go.

Unfortunately for Cersei, she may be childless rather soon. Tommen's days are very numbered and I think this season will be his last.

Images: Helen Sloan; Macall B. Polay/HBO