What if JoJo Ends Up Alone On 'The Bachelorette'?

There comes a time in every Bachelor or Bachelorette fan's viewing experience where they have to face the facts and really ask themselves: Is it possible that the lead will end up alone? Though it hasn't been since Brad Womack's season that a lead picked no one, the odds of breaking up after the show — and sometimes before the finale premieres — are overwhelmingly high. Now that we're reaching the middle of this season's The Bachelorette, I think you know where I'm going with this, and it's not very pretty. I really feel like JoJo could end up alone after The Bachelorette. I know you don't want to think about it, as thinking about it is kind of a huge bummer when you remember all the other failed Bachelor/ette couples, but that doesn't change the fact that it could still happen.

At this point, JoJo has a strong, undeniable connection with at least three of the guys. As the remaining episodes air, those will only get stronger (they will get tested, of course, because we live/breathe for that ABC drama) — all until the final moment when JoJo makes "the toughest decision of her life" and chooses one of them to be her forever partner. Unless. Unless she realizes, "Whoa, that all happened really fast and actually I'm not so sure about this," and ends up alone. Here are 11 reasons why that could be her fate instead:

1. The Front-Runner(s) Are Shady

With ABC releasing this clip calling out clear front-runner Jordan for how he's handled past relationships, and the preview we've already seen of Robby discussing whether or not he broke up with his longtime girlfriend just to go on the show, can these men even be trusted? TBD.

2. The Media Will Put A Strain On Her Relationship

Whether or not JoJo chooses Jordan or Robby or any of the other dudes I'm forgetting about, the pair will be put on blast by tabloids and social media. And if her contestants just so happen to have some dirt, it will be dug up. That's some tough stuff to overcome so early on in a relationship.

3. The Game Has Changed

This late in The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise's lifespan, it's become clear that people hardly ever come on just "for the right reasons." That's not to say they come on with intentions of breaking the lead's heart, but everyone knows the kinds of perks that go hand in hand with being a contestant. Meaning that these people might not actually be ready for marriage after all. *Gasp.*

4. JoJo Might Not Be Ready

I'm not saying that JoJo went on The Bachelorette for the "wrong reasons" either, but I am saying this all happened really fast for her. One minute she was jumping into waterfalls with Ben, and the next minute ABC was like "Here's 26 men. CHOOSE ONE AS A LIFE PARTNER FOREVER." That's a lot of pressure. As ready as you think you might be for that commitment one day, you could wake up and change your mind. Especially when you're in your mid-20s.

5. JoJo Might Be Too Young

Which leads me to my next point. It's not like JoJo's that much younger than other Bachelorettes, but she's still young. Whether or not that plays into her decision I cannot say, but she sure does have a lot of years left to live.

5. The Guys Simply Aren't For Her

You'd think that out of 26 guys, you could find one that you dislike the least enough to spend forever with — especially in an environment that breeds those types of feelings. But what if — and this is a craaaazy thought — these guys just simply aren't a match for JoJo?

6. She Might Need To Find Out More About Herself First

Because maybe JoJo (like a lot of us) doesn't know what "a match" for her would even look like yet. Sometimes it takes a lot of soul searching to do that, and no one would blame JoJo for not having it figured out.

7. She Just Got Out Of Two Serious Relationships

Weeks before she started filming, she and Ben broke up. Then, right before that, there was her long-term boyfriend (coincidentally named Chad) who she was with for years. It seems like JoJo hasn't had a ton of time to be by herself and reflect on those relationships.

8. This Is All So Stressful

It's a high stress, atypical environment, which can lead to people acting different or acting out of anxiety/fear. All of this clouds judgement.

9. The Distance Won't Work

As the winner and the lead have to say separate and super secretive of their relationship while the season airs, they don't get to see a lot of each other. Then even after they can go public, it becomes difficult for one person to pack up everything and move locations to be with the other. Often times, if the connection doesn't stay strong enough, this can be the final deal breaker.

10. It's Too Difficult To Get To Know Someone In That Period Of Time

How can you be sure you and what's-his-face will be the world's best, most in-love couple when you only have a couple weeks to spend together? And it's not like you're spending every waking moment with them. You get a few hours here and there, most of them not one-on-one, and then a single overnight date. That's not enough time. That's insane.

11. The Odds Just Aren't In Her Favor

At the end of the day, the odds of JoJo overcoming all of those hurdles to marry a guy that she's known for only a couple of months just aren't good. If they were, we would probably see more married couples from this franchise.

While I — and America — hope JoJo finds all the happiness in the world (especially after one Ben Higgins stomped all over her pure heart), I won't be holding my breath that this season ends in an everlasting relationship.

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