13 Ways To Celebrate The Summer Solstice

Summer is officially here — finally! This year’s summer solstice lands on Monday, June 20. That means the weekend is the perfect time to figure out ways to celebrate the summer solstice. After all, we can’t all be in Santa Barbara, Calif., to take part in the famous Summer Solstice Celebration. This three-day festival runs from June 24 to 26, and is one of the most popular summer solstice events in the world.

Instead, consider hosting your own celebration for the longest day of the year. Not only is it an awesome way to welcome the summer season, but it’s a lovely means of honoring the amazing planet Earth we live on. The summer solstice occurs because of the way the planet revolves around the sun, determining the seasons and weather that we experience. The seasons influence our daily lives, experiences, and actions so much more than we think.

The wonderful thing about celebrating the summer season is that you can incorporate natural elements, cheerful colors, and refreshing flavors into your party. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t inject your own personality and style. It’s all about adding your own twist to specific foods and décor to welcome the new season. Happy summer solstice!

1. Choose a summery dress code

Set the mood by choosing a warm and welcoming theme. For example, you can have guests wear floral or bright colors. Alternatively, you can simply ask everyone to wear their favorite summer dress or outfit.

2. Head outside

This celebration is all about nature, so it only makes sense that the party takes place outside. Your backyard or patio can work wonderfully. Not enough space? Consider hosting a picnic on the beach or in the park.

3. Play a summer playlist

Good tunes are crucial for setting the mood at any party. For a summer solstice celebration, choose your favorite upbeat songs or go for laid-back, earthy tunes.

4. Toss a summer salad

Pegged as an "epic summer salad" by Green Kitchen Stories, this quinoa and cauliflower salad with labneh, asparagus, and strawberries is the epitome of all things summery and fun. Between the richness of quinoa and sweetness of strawberries, it's hard to not adore this one.

5. Make a fruity pizza

When it comes to celebrations, you can't go wrong with a tasty pizza. A summery version like this peach ricotta pizza with spicy microgreens by How Sweet Eats is easy to split, share, and eat.

6. Whip up a cold soup

Take things easy under the summer sun with this cold sweet summer soup from Green Kitchen Stories. It's basically like the smoothie's cooler, older cousin. Feel free to customize it to feature your favorite flavors and fruits.

7. Sip on a smoothie

With a name like "All Day Glow Green Smoothie," how can one resist? Oh She Glows demonstrates how to create a smoothie that will keep you as radiant as the summer sun.

8. Toast with a tasty cocktail

Of course, we can't forget about the cocktails. Visit How Sweet Eats to learn how to make a refreshing cucumber vodka soda, just in time for the weekend's festivities.

9. Bake a fruity cake

What's a party without a cake? This strawberry rhubarb bundt cake by A Pretty Life in the Suburbs features a basic vanilla cake transformed with strawberry and rhubarb. Oh, you fancy.

10. Wrap napkins with flowers

Prep your table in the best way using napkins embedded with fresh flowers. It doesn't hurt that they'll make your space smell amazing, too. Visit eHow for the DIY.

11. Decorate with fruit and flowers

Liven up your table with lime slices and a medley of cheerful flowers. Again, this one is going to emit some seriously yummy aromas. Learn how to make it at eHow.

12. Slip into a lei

Don't stop at the home decor, though. Embellish yourselves and your guests with DIY lei necklaces. It's the best way to get everyone in that summery mood. Thanks, eHow!

13. Wear a flower crown

Last but not least, dress yourself up in a flower crown. If that doesn't say "summer vibes," I'm not sure what does. Haven't made one before? Pinterest has your back!

Images: Pexels; Pexels; Boss Fight; Green Kitchen Stories; How Sweet Eats; Green Kitchen Stories; Oh She Glows; How Sweet Eats; A Pretty Life in the Suburbs; Pixabay