How Many "Likes" Do You Get On Tinder Per 12 Hours? What To Know About Swiping Right

When Tinder launched in Fall 2012, it offered something we'd never seen before on dating apps or sites: The ability to swipe left or right on profiles — right if you're interested and left if you're not. In this way, the quest for finding a date made it more like a game than other apps before it (although other apps that have followed, have joined the swiping revolution, too).

If you’ve yet to join Tinder, let me tell you that swiping is therapeutic. Although don’t ask me why. You can swipe left (or right) everywhere and anywhere, while enjoying the bizarre satisfaction that comes with it. Maybe the satisfaction has something to do with Tinder's game-like quality or simply because there’s something intriguing about looking at images of people with the same eyes as one would look at a catalog. You know right away if you want to buy that dress, just as much as you know right away that Mr. Dad Jeans isn’t for you.

But dad jeans aside, what's really important is how many likes you're allowed on Tinder every 12 hours because, as we all know, there's no such thing as an unlimited amount of anything that's fun.

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What's a "like?"

What's a like? Simply, it's a right swipe on someone. A left swipe means you're not interested, but a right swipe means you're definitely interested — or at least intrigued by their photo. A Super Like means you're really interested. Unlike likes, potential matches can see if you've Super Liked them. You can Super Like someone by swiping upward.

How many "likes" do you get on Tinder per 12 hours?

Honestly, not many: 100. Well, not many if you live in a place where the attractive people outnumber the not-so-attractive people or you're someone who believes that every single person on Tinder could be an opportunity for love. Once you've reached 100, a notice will pop up telling you that you're out of likes and you'll get more in 12 hours. It also includes a countdown clock to when you have those likes again. It also gives you the option to upgrade if you want, which brings me to...

Can you get more "likes"?

You sure can! But it will cost you, of course. If you sign up for Tinder Plus, then you'll get an unlimited amount of likes. What this really means is that you can spend your days and nights right swiping your life away — literally — for $10 a month if you're under 30 or $20 a month if you're over 30, because that first gray hair at 28 isn't punishment enough for getting older.

But is it worth it?

That's your call. If you have an extra 10 or 20 bucks to spend a month in the pursuit of love, sex, or something in between, then definitely. If Tinder is just something fun you do because, like me, swiping is the most exercise you get a week, then not really. That money can be spent on more important things... like pizza and wine.

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