11 Popular Shows That Weren't So Trendy 10 Years Ago

Can you think back to the popular television shows of 2006? Still searching? Well, I can't blame you. It's been a long, long time since shows like 24, Dexter, The Hills and Veronica Mars were taking over our weeknight viewing schedules. Since then, the range of shows inundating our smaller screens have expanded more than tenfold. I'd say it's a fair assumption that nowadays, networks are full to the brim with new programming and the possibilities are endless when it comes to what the next hit drama, comedy or reality show might be. How can we be expected to keep up?

Well, instead of losing your head in the new possibilities, why not revisit some of the older ones? There were still plenty of TV shows from 2006 that, when they first premiered, were met with either lukewarm reviews or were still getting their bearings. It's not to say these shows did end up as hits but in the beginning? Yeah, it was a rougher time indeed. Nowadays, we look at the following shows and get nothing but warm fuzzies for them. Their cult status or cultural value has increased to a much higher degree than where they started. Isn't that the dream for every TV show? Take a look at the shows that, ten years ago, weren't as trendy as they are today.

1) The Office


The Office was still getting its bearings in its second season. Still trying to capitalize on the interest from a very short first season (it was only 6 episodes!), many were still hesitant to ship Jim & Pam or even pick which Michael one-liner they loved the most.

2) Supernatural


The current fandom for Supernatural is mind-blowing. Literally. But back in '06, Supernatural was still a relatively by-the-numbers and followed a "monster-of-the-week" formula that left it playing to a smaller crowd.

3) 30 Rock


We didn't know what to make of Tina Fey's TV baby back in '06 but I think it's safe to say that nowadays, we love it so much more. It may be off the air but that doesn't mean we aren't still watching.

4) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia


It was met with mixed reviews when it first aired and many of us who love it now (the younger Millenials and college-age kids with time to binge watch) were probably still wrangling with earlier curfews the left us unable to watch It's Always Sunny back in '06. But I dare you to casually drop "Rum Ham" into conversation today without someone telling you how much they love this show.

5) Heroes


The short-lived run for Heroes managed to get a revival in 2015 but back in '06 it was running on a wing and a prayer. We were still in the early stages of comic book fever and the superhero appetite was still being whetted, so many of us didn't know what we were missing out on. Now, Heroes has a major trendiness that's hard to suppress.

6) Top Chef


Padma who? Tom who? Pack your knives and what? Cooking competition shows were pretty thin on the ground in '06. Top Chef may not have been on many of our radars then but today it's a different story. Top Chef is now on everyone's radar because it is totally the Cadillac of cooking competition shows.

7) Friday Night Lights


Believe it or not, Friday Night Lights wasn't as big then as it is now. It's not to say it was a total failure but it definitely did not garnish the rave reviews it's cinematic predecessor received. The love for the show has grown exponentially over the years though and these days, many of the cast have gone on to star in some very major projects.

8) The I.T. Crowd


Alright, so I cheated a little with this one since it was only available in the UK back in '06. That said, with the improvements of the internet (and a little invention called Netflix), The I.T. Crowd's cult status has grown since its heyday.

9) The Comeback


Who doesn't love a little Lisa Kudrow in their lives? Unfortunately, not enough people wanted to bring back Kudrow after her success on Friends and The Comeback was a only around for one season ten years ago. The love for it has grown as its visibility has grown over the years though and it's a good thing too because Kudrow is totally a national treasure.

10) Arrested Development


Today, the cult status of Arrested Development is massive. Back in the day, though, this show was still struggling with its very dry, high-brow comedic stylings and uniquely talented cast.

11) My Super Sweet 16


Far and away the one show many of us may have been watching was My Super Sweet 16 but how could we have known it would become so iconic as to have Bryan Cranston take a crack at parodying the party planning spectacles we were watching in '06?

Are you as big a fan of these shows today as you were back then? Or are you a newer fan, having discovered these shows after they had their time in the sun on television? Either way, these are the ones to start watching and re-watching because they are too trendy to ignore any longer.

Images: Bettina Strauss/The CW; Giphy (11)