Can You Still Cop The Kimoji Merch?

This woman is seriously a marketing genius. First, she comes out with a set of emojis based entirely on her life, but does she stop there? Oh, no. Then, she goes and creates custom phone cases and wallpaper out of them. But, is the Kimoji merch sold out yet? There’s good news. If you were hoping to snag the crying face phone case, you still can!

Kardashian did post on social media about the supply being limited, though, so you might want to act quickly. You can choose to shop everything from phone cases covered with the “Lit” Kimoji or the “Send Nudes” symbol, if that’s more your style. If you want to amp up your gift-giving game, then you’ll likely want to snatch that “Bae” wrapping paper. Because I mean, come on. That’s just too good to pass up on, right?

A phone case will run you $28 to $30, depending on what type of phone you have, and the wrapping paper will cost you $35. Because hey, giving gifts in a way that Kim K and Kanye West would approve of doesn’t come cheap. Shop your fave Kimoji items through Kardashian’s website or app before they’re all gone because really, why would you want to miss out on products this good?

Act fast if you want to be rocking that Kimoji gear, you know, IRL.

1. Kimoji Cry Face Phone Case

Kimoji Cry Face Phone Case For iPhone 6/6s, $28,

I love that Kim K was able to turn even her cry face into a money-making business. She's good.

2. Kimoji Bae Wrapping Paper

Kimoji Bae Word Bubble Wrapping Paper, $35,

Now your gifts for bae will be even better.

3. Kimoji Lit Phone Case

Kimoji Lit Word Bubble Phone Case For iPhone 6+/6s+, $30,

Your phone's about to get LIT!

4. Kimoji Butt Collage Wrapping Paper

Kimoji Butt Collage Wrapping Paper, $35,

It just wouldn't be Kim K merchandise without a few butts in the mix, you know?

5. Kimoji Send Nudes Phone Case

Kimoji Send Nudes Phone Case For iPhone 6/6s, $28,

For that "nude selfies 'til I die" kind of vibe, you're going to want to purchase this phone case.

6. Kimoji Engagement Ring Wrapping Paper

Kimoji Engagement Ring Wrapping Paper, $35,

If you're attending a bridal shower this summer, this is exactly what you need to wrap your gift in.

Go on and get to shopping. A world of ways to use Kimojis even more than you already do awaits.

Images: kimkardashian/Instagram (1); Courtesy (6)