The Stencil Hair Trend Might Be The Next Big Thing

We've seen our fair share of interesting hair trends in 2016, with the brave and playful among us sporting everything from under-cut hair tattoos to glitter roots. So what's the newest look to blow into the summer lineup of out-of-the-box styles? One word for you: stencils. What is the stencil hair trend, you may be wondering? It's exactly what it sounds like. Graffiti for your mane.

According to Popsugar, this stencil look began with Janine Ker of Salon Aguayo, who has a penchant for turning hair into art. The publication reported, "For her stencil work, the mane maven seems to first sketch out a design; then bring it to life on her clients' heads. She's created everything from polka dots to lotus blossoms on hair, but we're particularly impressed by the garden of flowers she imprinted into one woman's strands."

While it's a bold look and borrows from the genre of Kylie Jenner's hair tattoos, there are a plethora of places you can wear this 'do to. Music festivals always encourage in-your face hairstyles, and a wild Friday night can call for a sprinkling of polka dots decorating your curtain of hair. For those at home whose interest has been piqued, it's important to note that Ker applies her amazing graffiti in a similar fashion to how a street artist might paint on a wall: With a bottle of spray.

Popsugar added, "The best part? The color is temporary! Ker shared that she's used Joico InstaTint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray ($10) to spray festive flair onto hair."

Cooler still is that you can choose to go as bold or as subtle as you'd like. You can opt for a mane of tumbling flowers, or go for a couple of sporadic polka dots or geometric shapes. The look can also change depending on how you style your mane. For example, while the image looks crisp and clear when you leave your hair down, it can get a fresh new aesthetic when you sweep your hair up into a ponytail, turning slightly distorted when you weave in some braids.

Since the style is completely temporary, you can even give it a go for a weekend and then wash it out in time for work on Monday.

Intrigued? Try it yourself at home by either cutting out a stencil of your own design, or buying one on the Web. After all, it's the summertime — allow yourself to experiment a little.

Images: Courtesy janine_ker_hair/Instagram