Snoop Dogg Has a New Manicure

OK, so what's the big deal about a guy who loves to take care of his nails? There's absolutely nothing strange about a man who has nice, manicured hands... even if that includes an extra shiny topcoat and black and white French tips like rapper Snoop Dogg. In the latest edition of "here we go again" news, Snoop had another nail appointment. Now if this were my husband, I'm not ashamed to say there might suddenly be a need for these rampant post-nups that seem to have everyone in an uproar. But since this is Snoop we're talking about, there's really no cause for alarm or surprise, and definitely no reason to question his manhood. Sure there are plenty of people on Instagram who would vehemently disagree, but I still say remain calm folks-- Snoop's just being himself and these manicures are far less questionable than some of his other stylistic choices.

Take for instance his hair. If anyone ever wanted to question his manhood, they could've started long ago with his unmanly mane. This man has sported a variety of lady-like hairstyles (beautifully, I might add), including everything from cascading curls to luscious, bouncy Shirley Temple curls and braids. And we can't forget his infamous (and my least favorite) 'do: two pigtails with barrettes. Someone even thought enough of them to start a Facebook page, but the fact that it only has three posts is evidence that they, too, gave up on making a big deal out of his alleged anti-guy style. Finally, his hair was so full of body in this video, he deserved a shampoo endorsement à la Troy Polamalu.

And sure, he's gone through a couple of name changes, but his status as a manly man still firmly stands. I declare his latest enamel embellishment endeavor as simply a classic display of his cannabis-immersed lifestyle, and definitely worthy of this awesome ode.

After all, if anyone should be outraged by his choice in nail decor, it should either be Snoop's wife or Will Ferrell. If they don't mind, why should we?

Images: instagram/@heynicenails