Will Arya Kill Walder Frey On 'Game Of Thrones'? He Would Certainly Deserve It

Arya Stark is no longer interested in being No One. She is someone, specifically a girl with the last name of Stark who is ready to go back to her home, Winterfell. But she'll likely not go back before she makes some progress on that little kill list of hers. One of the names on that list is certainly Walder Frey's, the man who called for the murder of her brother and mother at what Game Of Thrones fans now know as the Red Wedding. Her hatred for him, along with her mission to avenge her family, has me wondering, will Arya kill Walder Frey in the upcoming Season 6 finale?

So many Game Of Thrones fans would like to see Arya go full Kill Bill on her enemies, and Frey would be a good person to help get the heads rolling. In a recent episode, Lord Frey was seen in his home talking about how everyone's laughing at him thanks to his son's incompetence. He made it clear he will not die until House Tully chokes on its laughter, which sounds like famous last words, if you ask me.

For anyone who's seen the trailer for the Season 6 finale, you may have noticed a shot of Frey hosting a dinner, possibly his wedding, filled with Lannister soldiers, raising a toast to their new allegiance. For many, this is a sign that Frey's days are numbered. Some are assuming it will be Jaime Lannister who ends up switching allegiances and taking the eldest Frey's life, but could it instead be Arya who arrives right in time to kill him at this celebration?

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The website Movipilot.com believes that Arya may plan on taking the long way home, stopping off at Frey's, ready to show off her Faceless Men skills. Viewers may not see Arya in this dinner scene, but she may be there wearing a different face. One current theory includes that she's a blonde serving girl in a screenshot from the trailer. Arya will retaliate not by massacring Frey's whole family in the same way he did to her family, but by slipping some poison in his drink and laugingh as he lets out his last breath, revealing her true self in the process. It's a pretty dramatic scenario and a moment I'd love to see Arya have.

This moment could also fuel a reunion between not only Arya and her family, who have just recently taken back Winterfell, but her and the Hound. Those two definitely have some things to work out, but they can both agree that vengeance is sweet against those who have taken the people you love most. The killing of the Freys and the Boltons would be sweet revenge for the Starks, who can now make their way to King's Landing to take on the Lannisters, the ones who took their father Ned Stark's life.


While this certainly seems like it's queueing up the ultimate battle for the thrones in Season 7, we should remember that Arya may want to make Frey's demise a bloody one. Could this be the Red Wedding 2.0? Game of Thrones fans already believe this could be the case, thanks to the fact that Walden Frey always seems to be getting married and, with so many people there responsible for Arya's family's death, she may want to see them all lose their lives in the most epic way possible. Perhaps, taking a page from her sister Sansa's book, who made it clear the North never forgets and shows no mercy.

Maisie Williams' tweet lets us know that Arya is certainly on a mission for blood, thanks to those hashtags "b*tch is back" and "stillaryafromtheblock." It's just another reason why Arya is definitely the Game Of Thrones character you shouldn't sleep on. It seems Arya's expert party crasher skills may be the catalyst for Season 7. This girl has a name, and it's Arya Stark. Don't ever forget it.

Image: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO; Giphy