9 Chad Instagram Photos That Reveal 'The Bachelorette' Star's Post-Show Life

While his presence on the show certainly hasn't been totally appreciated (to say the least) by his fellow cast mates, Chad has been the necessary ingredient that The Bachelorette Season 12 has needed to keep flying along at light-speed. And while his blatant aggression towards the men in the house is concerning to say the least, he will be missed — you know, once JoJo manages to actually convince him to leave. But, in the midst of all the hullabaloo, I have to wonder if we actually know anything about the Bachelorette contestant. And that's when I went to check out Chad's Instagram, and what he might have revealed about himself there. As it turns out, it's a lot.

We know that he's an ex-marine with a penchant for cold cuts, but most of his personal details have been eschewed in favor of the made-for-primetime drama that we Bachelorette fans (maybe shamefully) thrive on. So I did a little hunting, digging up as much as I could from Chad’s generous social media presence, and I had some major success. For those who crave more information about the most talked about bachelor in ages, here are nine things Chad revealed about himself on Instagram.

As it turns out, Chad's life in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is even more interesting than you might think, and, between his close relationship with his family and his ever-evolving love life, I'm was certainly surprised. You might be, too.

1. He Loves His Sister... And His Sister's Dog

Say what you will about Chad and his emotional health, but it's clear The Bachelorette's bombshell has much love for his sister and her animals. Is this a sign of a softer heart inside his hard exterior? Perhaps.

2. He's On A Boat... All the Time

It's not clear if Chad actually owns the boat, but his Instagram is flooded with photos of him lounging on the deck of a pretty gorgeous-looking water vehicle. Regardless, it's clear he's living the life.

3. He's Obsessed With His Physique

I guess when someone shows up on a reality show only to do pull-ups in conspicuous view of the camera like a real life G.I. Joe, that usually means they're a pretty big fan of their own physical fitness. These photos of his insane musculature really make it clear that, for Chad, physical fitness is numero uno on his list of priorities.

4. He Has A Little Pup Named Pumpkin

You might not expect such a tender moment from a real tough guy like Chad, but it looks like the guy's really taken to his little fuzzy friend.

5. He's A Fan Of The Suit

Chad is nothing if not committed to his impeccable appearance, and that extends to his style. Look at that tailoring.

6. He Has A Tragic Past

Tugging at the heartstrings of even the most strident Chad detractor, the guy shared some of his past (including his work in the marines that was discussed on the show) and the struggle he went through when his mother passed away. Maybe all this anger is just pain?

7. He Has a Fantastic Go-To Cheat Meal

Chad is a huge fan of pizza, which is appealing to pretty much anyone with tastebuds. When he's taking a break from protein-loading, he turns his head to everyone's favorite cheesy carb.

8. He's Not So Serious About The Bachelorette

Nearly anyone who caught the last episode of The Bachelorette must know that Chad has dispensed with any serious aspirations to win JoJo's heart in favor of televised dramatics, but this giggly little clip is proof positive of that.

9. He's Dating Again Already

The newest update from Chad is one of the most interesting developments we've gotten since he got the boot two weeks ago. Remember the news about Robby and his ex-girlfriend? Well, it looks like, in the wake of that relationship, Chad has moved on from JoJo to pursue Hope Higginbotham, the aforementioned ex of Robby Hayes. Bustle has reached out to Chad for comment, but have yet to receive a response. From the looks of it, the two are pretty cozy. Could it be love for Chad at last? (Between you and I, I can't help but wish that isn't the case. Hope needs peace, not more drama.)

Chad is almost done with The Bachelorette, but we'll get to see the guy back for Bachelor in Paradise next season. In the meantime, I'm going to stay tuned in to his Instagram feed, because I can't wait to see what this guy's going to do next.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell; Giphy