Who Will Kill Walder Frey On 'Game Of Thrones'? He Has Many Enemies

As Game Of Thrones approaches its ending and seems to finally start allowing the good guys to win every now and then, and Game of Thrones' villains are biting the dust left and right. With so many baddies finally meeting their end, there's still one character alive whose demise is highly anticipated: Walder Frey. Walder is the lord of House Frey, ruler of the castle known as The Twins, but for most fans he's simply known as the man who orchestrated one of the most devastating events in Game of Thrones history. Ever since The Red Wedding, GoT fans have been waiting for Frey to get his comeuppance, and it seems that it could be coming soon. Frey's made a habit of creating enemies all throughout Westeros, but who will kill Walder Frey and be the one to restore some semblance of honor to The Twins?

Season 6 of Game of Thrones has seen many villains get taken down, including the recent deaths of The Waif and Ramsay Bolton – two people who are surely getting along in the afterlife discussing how much they love wounding Stark children. Walder Frey is heavily featured in the preview for the season 6 finale, meaning that it's possible his downfall will be coming up very soon. There are a few characters that could be ready to stick the knife in Walder, but here are some of the likeliest candidates.

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Arya Stark


Arya Stark has long recited to herself a list of people she wished death upon. By Season 6, that name has been narrowed down significantly and centered around three names: Cersei, The Mountain, and Walder Frey. Arya's training has allowed her to remove one name from that list herself when she killed Merryn Trent, and he was a far better fighter than Walder Frey. The only problem here is that Arya is currently on the other side of The Narrow Sea, making it difficult for her to get to the Riverlands any time soon. However, she also managed to survive multiple stab wounds to the gut and then go for a swim afterwards so if there's one person not to underestimate, it's Arya Stark.

Jon Snow


Jon Snow has just reclaimed Winterfell, which means he's on his way to reclaiming the north in the name of the Starks. While most of this comes down to diplomacy, The Starks still have some enemies in the north that don't deserve mercy. The Frey's betrayal to The Starks will surely not go unforgiven, but will Jon Snow be the one to take down Walder Frey? The Frey's aren't going to let their guard down around a Stark anytime soon, but Jon is one of the likeliest candidates to take down this house.

Jamie Lannister


In the preview for the Season 6 Finale, Jamie Lannister is seen at The Twins with Walder Frey in what appears to be some type of feast. Jamie just helped the Frey's secure the castle of Riverrun, and both are able to bond over their combined distaste for the Starks. However, Jamie's true intentions may not be to just celebrate the siege. Jamie's bestie Brienne of Tarth served under Catelyn Stark, who Walder Frey killed at the Red Wedding. Jamie doesn't have much reason to align himself with Walder Frey, and could manage to turn sides before the end of the Season. He's not the likeliest candidate, but he's the one closest to Walder Frey who may have a reason for killing him.

Lady Stoneheart


Every year fans hope for the appearance of Lady Stoneheart in Game of Thrones , but this year may be the introduction of the vengeful reincarnation of a former character. One can dream, can't they? Who would be more deserving to kill Walder Frey than the woman he betrayed?

In Game of Thrones, it's never long before the consequences of someone's actions catch up with them. When Walder Frey committed the Red Wedding, he broke a sacred Westeros tradition – guest right. Betrayals such as that don't go unpunished, and it's a minor miracle that Walder Frey has yet to have revenge taken on him. With the Starks returning to power, however, it seems that Frey's time is running out. No matter who manages to end Walder Frey, it'll be satisfying to see this tyrant finally get a taste of his own medicine.

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