'Neverwhere' Spinoff Story Is Getting A Radio Adaptation, And There's An All-Star Cast Attached

I have good news for all Neil Gaiman fans who read his work way, way faster than he can write it. The BBC is adapting a Neil Gaiman short story into radio drama and Neverwhere spinoff. First the Starz adaptation of American Gods actually starts taking shape, then the Neil Gaiman documentary got a release date, and now this — 2016 has been good so far if you're a Gaiman fan.

Neverwhere was Neil Gaiman's first novel (apart from Good Omens, which he co-authored with Terry Pratchett). It was the novelization of a script he wrote for the BBC for a three-part television miniseries, though since then, Gaiman has also made changes to the original text of the novel as well. Since then, this preferred text version has also been adapted into a BBC radio play in 2013, and now the BBC is back at it, ready to make a spinoff radio drama out of a short story Gaiman published in 2014, "How The Marquis Got His Coat Back," that features characters from Neverwhere.

Basically, everyone should be getting excited right now. (Or rather, everyone except for those people in New Mexico that tried to ban Neverwhere that one time. They might not join in on the excitement.)

The radio play will be 45 minutes long and feature the vocal talents of several big name British actors, including James McAvoy, Natalie Dormer, David Harewood, Sophie Okonedo, and Benedict Cumberbatch. Because obviously this whole thing needed to get even cooler by having an all-star lineup. There are also a few familiar faces from previous Neverwhere adaptations, including Bernard Cribbins, who played Old Bailey in the 2013 radio play, and Paterson Joseph, who played the Marquis in the TV show. It will be directed by Dirk Maggs.

It is scheduled to air sometimes this year.