Vicki Admits She Begged Brooks Not To Leave Her In This Sneak Peek From The 'RHOC' Premiere — VIDEO

Love him or hate him, Brooks Ayers has been the topic of conversations for the last few seasons of The Real Housewives of Orange County. And in this this sneak peek from the Season 11 premiere, it is no different. In it, Vicki Gunvalson — the original O.C. housewife — opens up about how she parted ways with her on-again off-again boyfriend of almost five years, and it definitely not an easy clip to watch. After accusations of Ayers faking his cancer diagnosis for the sake of a storyline surfaced during Season 10, Gunvalson is coming back to Season 11 willing to lay it all on the line. In this clip from the Season 11 premiere, Gunvalson admits that when Ayers left her for good at the end of last season, she begged him not to leave. And as painful as it is to watch Gunvalson admit to this on camera, you have to commend the woman for being so open about her life.

I mean, that is the point of being on reality television, right? Never one to shy away from the cameras or from putting her life on display, Vicki Gunvalson is definitely opening up again in Season 11. It comes as no surprise that Gunvalson is being even more open than ever about all of the high and low moments from her life. After being open about so much of her life these past 10 seasons, being accused of faking a storyline must have been difficult for the reality star.

Still, it’s tough and touching to see Vicki be so honest about how difficult her break up was. Especially since her relationship with Brooks Ayers was fodder for much of Season 8, 9, and 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

But Gunvalson admits in the clip that the transition to recent singledom hasn’t been an easy one. "I do miss Brooks,” she says in the clip. “He was my best friend. The night he moved out, I literally lay in the street crying, begging him not to go." It’s an extremely candid moment, but it’s especially difficult to hear given what her friends and family have said about Brooks Ayers throughout the seasons.

Still, as tough as it is to hear, I'm hoping that with time Gunvalson realizes that this breakup is a good thing for her and her family. And that she starts filling her love tank with someone else’s affection really soon.