12 'Game Of Thrones' Tips & Hacks That Will Make Your Viewing Experience That Much More Enjoyable

Here's some stone-cold truths: You love Game of Thrones . I love Game of Thrones. We all love Game of Thrones. It's been one of the best seasons for an absolutely juggernaut television series and there's no signs that the fan love will be slowing anytime soon. Even with the end of the series looming, does that mean you have to stop watching? I think not. In fact, Game of Thrones is precisely the kind of show that deserves to be marathoned over and over again. The massive love from the Game of Thrones fandom means that, after nearly six full seasons on air, there are plenty of spoilers, fan theories and memes to keep the GoT universe happy for years to come.

So, dear GoT viewer, you have to make a decision when you decide fully immerse yourself in this world: Are you a fan of the spoilers? Or does the mere whisper of the word "spoiler" make your (Lady Stone)heart go colder than a White Walker's touch? Depending on which way you lean, there are ways to both immerse yourself in spoilers or block them out altogether until you have time to catch up on a new episode. Here are some of the best ways to spoil yourself silly on GoT goodness or hide them from sight until you can sink into new episodes.

1. If You Have Apple TV, Use Siri To Decode Who Said What

Siri is a legit godsend for Apple users. The case is no different when it comes to TV, where Siri can help us figure out what's actually going on as we watch.

2. Keep The Game Of Thrones Wikia Page Handy

If you're trying to keep up with all the characters this season, or perhaps you want to know the in-depth history of the GoT world without reading the books, keep the GoT Wikia page open and ready while you watch.

3. Don't Forget The Power Of A Well-Lit Screen

This is a simple but seriously useful hack. The GoT cinematographers and editors occasionally turn down the wattage for some of those scenes. They call it "mood" lighting, I call it "I want to see these spoiler-y scenes more clearly so I can live-tweet it" lighting.

4. Start Following The Game Of Thrones Celebs On Social Media

Can't get enough GoT and want to keep things spoiler-ific at all times? Start following literally all of the cast members on social media. They're hilarious, chill and love referencing their GoT hijinks.

5. Invest In HBO NOW, West Coast

Hey West Coasters, instead of hunkering down in your bunkers until the east coast GoT madness has finished and the Internet is rich with spoilers, just invest in HBOGO and HBO NOW! You can watch with us East Coasters.

6. The Power Of The Hashtag

Thank the Many-Faced God for the existence of the hashtag, y'all. If you really wanna indulge in a spoiler-y plot point, don't be afraid to check out Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram for what just happened on GoT.

7. Use Google Chrome To Avoid Spoilers

Are you a Google Chrome user who loathes GoT spoilers? There's an extension for that.

8. Tweetdeck Can Mute The Spoiler Noise

Step One: If you're a big Twitter user, get onto Tweetdeck. It's a lifesaver. Step Two: Use the mute feature to cancel out any GoT spoilers while still perusing your Twitter feed.

9. Get The Spoilers From The Books

Want the ultimate spoiler-fest? Read the books before you watch or re-binge the series and never feel out of the loop again. Note: this method only works through Season 5.

10. Can't Grasp That Hot Fan Theory? Head To Reddit

Every time a new episode drops, a ton of new fan theories come out of the woodwork too. There's been plenty of long-simmering ideas and they all get hashed out in depth over on the GoT Reddit. Head there if you want to indulge in well thought out spoilers.

11. Keep Your Eyes And Ears Closed Until You Can Watch The New Episode

Sorry, folks. If you just can't handle staying away from the internet or don't want a fussy extension interfering with your internet, it's best to shut off everything entirely until you can watch. It's not a fun method but boy, it's effective.

12. Channel Your Inner Ramsay And Text Your Enemies All The Spoilers

Now, you can send spoiler-filled texts like the trickster you are to your friends and family. Because if you can't live in a spoiler-free world, neither should they.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I think I have to go spoil my way through the entire series all over again. Bless you, GoT spoilers. You're a national treasure, even though you make life tough for some of us.

Images: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO; Giphy (10)