Mary Drake & A.D. Are 2 Separate 'PLL' Threats

For years, the Pretty Little Liars didn’t know who they were up against. After many seasons of red herrings and false flags, it was revealed to both the cast and the audience that A was Charlotte DiLaurentis, aka CeCe Drake. Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly. Charlotte spent five years in a mental health facility, was released, was murdered, and now the Liars are back where they started — someone calling themselves A.D. is after them and convinced they murdered Charlotte. Oh, and Mary Drake, who is Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin sister and Charlotte's birth mother and spent time in Radley, is back, because she and Elliott, Charlotte’s doctor, are working together. But are all of these things connected? Is Mary Drake A.D. on Pretty Little Liars ?

The ladies of Pretty Little Liars have dealt with multiple villains at once before, so it’s not as though A.D. and Mary Drake have to be the same person. In fact, I think we’re dealing with two separate but equally evil entities in Season 7. At the end of the Season 6 finale, the last shot viewers saw was Hanna’s unconscious body being dragged through the bell tower. But the scene right before that? It was Mary Drake and Elliott, who were just revealed as co-conspirators. They couldn’t move from the DiLaurentis house to the bell tower that quickly, so, assuming that both events happened at the same time (which I’m pretty sure they did), they would either need another person on their team to help them deal with kidnapping Hanna, or they are unrelated to this plan and the Liars are currently caught in the middle of two villainous agendas. Going into Season 7, it seems that A.D. is definitely not Mary Drake — she has her own fish to fry — but I have a few ideas as to who it could be.

Sara Harvey

Sometimes the easiest explanation is the right one. Sara Harvey could be A.D. simply because she fits the profile. She hates all of the Liars and she alternates between hating Charlotte and missing her. And remember, Sara willingly went along with Charlotte in the bunker. There’s no reason she should still be in Rosewood unless she is torturing its residents.

Wren Kingston

As a doctor (of some sort… I’m still not sure what he does actually), Wren spent a lot of time at Radley, during which he totally could have gotten to know Charlotte better. Wren is shady AF, so he could have even known that she was pretending to be CeCe when she was on the outside. Wren has kissed two of the liars, lied to all of the others, and conveniently shacked up again with Melissa. Who says he’s still in London? I think he’s in Rosewood and he’s playing the A.D. game.

Spencer Hastings

Who says that one of the Liars can’t be A.D.? Spencer is the smartest and the most calculating of the :iars, and she’s also the one that seems to get hurt less when they are being targeting. Everything that happened to Spencer in Season 6B (aka the rise of A.D.) happened to Spencer’s family. Emily loses her eggs and almost gets hit by a car, Hanna gets kidnapped, Aria gets burned, and Spencer’s…. mom’s campaign has problems? One of these things is not like the other.

If A.D. were Mary Drake, the Liars would have it a lot easier — only one enemy to fight off. Unfortunately, life in Rosewood is never simple, and A.D. and Mary Drake are two separate evil forces the Liars will have to battle when Season 7 premieres.

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