Credits Songs In 'Orange Is The New Black,' Ranked

Orange is the New Black Season 4 has been intense, to say the least. Every time each episode faded to orange (then black) during my marathoning of the season, I felt relief, frustration, or sadness — it's been a true rollercoaster ride. The music chosen for the credits is always expertly chosen and I thought it was time to take a closer look at the end credits songs in Orange is the New Black, ranked in order of awesomeness. So you can listen the songs without the emotional gut punch that comes with watching some of the episodes.

There has been a wide range of music genres used in this season's end credits, from a cute ukulele song with the edgy title "Motherf*cker Got F*cked Up" to an Eminem track featuring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Each song seemed to tie into the episode — for instance, Episode 5 ends with Piper accidentally starting a white supremacist prison gang and with the Cabaret Nazi song "Tomorrow Belongs To Me." But aside from that, how do these songs stand on their own? Well, I think it's time to judge them as the fantastic tunes they are.

Check out the end credits songs in Orange is the New Black Season 4 ranked below.

13. "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" From Cabaret (Episode 5)

Yeah, this Nazi song is ranked last, not for its quality, but for its subject matter. I have to.

12. "El Blue Del Ping Pong" By Rita Indiana & Los Mysterios (Episode 2)

A groovy song from an alternative merengue band, but not my favorite.

11. "F*ck You" By The Bug Featuring Warrior Queen (Episode 9)

This intense track is good for those angry, standing-up-for-yourself moments, but doesn't serve a huge purpose outside of that.

10. "Hand In Mine" By Jonathan Rado (Episode 10)

This is a cute and strummy romantic duet tune from an early 2000s indie rock band.

9. "Cook Me" By Izabo (Episode 7)

Get funky with this percussion-heavy track, which I can never separate from that branding scene.

8. "Out Of My Head" By The Fling (Episode 4)

This rock tune is laid back, yet emotional, for those moments when you just want a release, but not get too intense about it.

7. "Lighted Windows" By Jimmy Justice (Episode 8)

An oldie, but goody from this British singer, who had several UK hits in the 1960s. It's not the most interesting track, but not the least either.

6. "Bloody Monster" By DeQn Sue (Episode 11)

Catchy from the first beats, this track is truly unique and takes so many unexpected turns that it's a treat for the ears. It's no wonder the artist was featured on NPR last year.

5. "You Know Me Well" By Sharon Van Etten (Episode 6)

An ethereal song in which it feels like the singer is whispering a dark secret to you.

4. "Bitch Please II" By Eminem Featuring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

A great rap track from some of the best names in the game.

3. "Motherf*cker Got F*cked Up" (Episode 1)

With a title like that, you might be expecting a metal song, but no, this one has two angelic voices and a ukulele. A+ for masterful misdirection.

2. "Muddy Waters" By LP (Episode 13)

This melodic tune was the perfect way to usher out Orange is the New Black's gut-wrenching fourth season.

1. "Release Me" By Corrina Repp (Episode 12)

How do you close an episode that ends so tragically? You usher the audience into the end credits with this sweet song, which stands alone wonderfully as well.

So even if you're done with Orange is the New Black Season 4, you can relive the season by putting these songs on repeat until Season 5 arrives.

Image: JoJo Whilden/Netflix