Ben Made A Big Mistake on the New 'Parks'

If you had to describe Leslie Knope in one word, what would it be? Dedicated, ambitious, hardworking, passionate? Anything you come up with will likely relate to her signature work ethic and genuine care for her city and job, and if we as fans can recognize that, shouldn't her husband? There was a major flaw on this week's new episode of Parks and Rec , because apparently all of a sudden, Ben doesn't know Leslie at all.

One of the central plots of "Anniversaries" focused on Ben and Leslie's one year wedding anniversary and the surprises they each had in store. In an effort to surprise Leslie with an even better gift than she'll inevitably get him, Ben planned the perfect day for her — one day early. It sounds like a sweet gesture, except one day early was apparently a weekday, and Leslie was working.

It ended up being a very important day for Leslie at the office as she worked to better the public's opinion of the Pawnee-Eagleton merger, but honestly, is any work day not important for Leslie? It wasn't remotely surprising when Ben's accomplice Gary/Jerry/Larry was unable to tear Leslie away from her desk for a surprise couple's massage, or when she told Ben she couldn't meet him for "lunch" (an Enchanted-themed carriage ride) because she was out saving the merger, when she had to skip the following dance and cooking lessons.

This was supposed to be Ben and Leslie's anniversary celebration and instead turned into Ben & Jerry's Day Out.

But it was Ben's own fault. He should know by now to never pull Leslie away from her work. It's important to her, and that was one of the things that made him fall in love with her. In previous episodes Parks and Rec has shown that Ben understands that. He knows that Leslie loves him, and makes plenty of time for him, but makes time for work too.

It seems like this week, for the sake of Ben-and-Jerry comedy, the show had Ben completely forget who Leslie is. His surprise was ruined because he planned it for a random weekday and he was punished for it —kind of. Ben made that dreaded surprise face, but in the end it was worth it, as Pawnee's biggest nerd was given the greatest gift of all time.

Images: NBC