How To Bond With People You Already Spend A Lot Of Time With

It's easy to take for granted the people that we see every day. And especially if you live in a big city, it's totally possible to live with someone that you don't know at all. You might share a fridge and use the same toothpaste but your lives outside the house are totally separate and you don't know anything important about each other. Like, who's their emergency contact? What are they allergic to? Are their parents still living? Were they ever cheated on?

Whether it's a roommate, a sibling, or even a co-worker, you probably have a pretty stuck in a weird place of thinking you know everything about them from observing their behavior and yet knowing nothing about thoughts or their past. It's crazy to think you can be so comfortable with someone that you can see them every day and be totally unfazed by their presence, but not necessarily know how they feel or what makes them tick or what they're going through. But we all have people we we know, but don't know in our lives.

While you don't always have to try to be friends with he people you live or work with, it doesn't hurt to try because no one ever complained about having too many good friends. These are 12 ways to bond with people you already spend a lot of time with but don't necessarily know well:

Ask About Their Upbringing

Understanding where someone came from and what their childhood was like can give you keen insight into how to connect with them as adults.

Go Out To Dinner


Eating in silence by your computers does not count as eating together. Put your devices on silent and get out of the house or office and have a meal with each other. You might be surprised by how much you have to talk about.

Do Something Uncomfortable

If they're up for it, sign up for a weird class together and get out of your comfort zone. Try something that's equally strange for the two of you. It puts you on equal ground.

Hang out With Their Friends


You can really get to know someone by seeing how they are with their friends. You'll both be more comfortable having your friends as wingmen and probably more likely to show your true colors and connect.

Start A Project

Whether it's painting a wall at home or joining the softball team at the office, decide to do something together and stick to it. Let it become "your thing" and the bonding will follow.

Take A Trip


Take a day trip together and try something new. Come up with the plan together so that you both feel equally as engaged. Make sure you stop to see attractions that are interesting for each of you. It will help you learn about each other.

Take Turns Making Plans

Get to know each other better by taking turns making plans. Show them your life and then switch. You know, Freaky Friday-style.

Go Out Dancing


Find a night to go out and have a wild night together. Sometimes talking about a wild night out in the morning can be even more fun than the night itself. Making fools of yourselves in the club is also a great way to bond.

Share Your Thoughts

Be an open book around this friend. Talk about your life. Let them know that you are not judgmental and that talking to you is a safe zone. The more you share, the more comfortable they'll feel sharing with you.

Try Something New


Talk about things that you've always wanted to try but never had the guts to. Doing something that scares you will really bond you to each other and you'll never forget the experience.

Show Pictures

I mean, don't go through your entire baby book, but show each other pictures of your friends and your upbringing. It will definitely give you a lot to talk about and help you conceptualize each other's lives better.

Make Regular Plans

Let each other now that you're committed to getting to really know each other by making recurring plans. It doesn't have to be every week, it can be once a month or once every other month but show your friend you're invested by making it a priority and keeping it up.

Images: Giphy, Fox