Beauty Products You HAD To Have In The 2000s

by Miki Hayes
Young business woman putting a lip gloss in the front seat of a car
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The early 2000s were a time of some seriously cool (and odd) cult beauty products. But it didn't really matter how many sickeningly sweet lip glosses or perfumes you had, there were just some beauty products you blew your whole allowance on in the 2000s. Because, real talk, you could never have too many glittery or vanilla-scented things (bonus points for vanilla-scented glitter).

And hey, no judgement here. I'm the first to admit that I bathed in glitter body gel, dried off by rolling around in a pile of loose glitter, and then added some adhesive rhinestones to top it all off. The idea of having too much of a good thing just didn't exist. In fact, the beauty obsessions of the 2000s were probably what led all of us beauty junkies down the path of makeup hoarding. There's just no coming back from feeling the need to collect every single Lip Smackers flavor and every single Bon Bons nail polish shade. (As if we would even want to.) And I'm sure if we had the chance, we would do it all over again. After all, these 18 products that you blew all of your allowance on in the 2000s were total necessities — one mocha-flavored lip gloss was never enough.

1. Hairagami Tools


Whether you twisted your hair into intricate buns or had the coolest part, it was all because of your collection of Hairagami accessories.

2. Juicy Tubes


Basically the sign that you made it in the early 2000s.

3. Body Glitter


Whether gel, roll-on, or loose, your body glitter purchases were totally justified because they were all different types, right?

4. Victoria Secret Body Splash


The "it" scent kept changing, and of course you had to keep up.

5. Black Eyeliner


Remember when panda eyes were in? What with how quickly you could go through a pencil of black eyeliner, it only made sense to buy in bulk.

6. The Body Shop Lip Butter


Let's be honest, how many of these pots did you have lying around?

7. Manic Panic Hair Dye


Maybe you were brave enough (or allowed) to dye your whole head. If not, that was cool too. Fun-colored streaks were still worth shelling out for some vibrant hair dye.

8. MAC Lipglass


Basically the 2000s staple for a shiny (and kind of sticky) pout.

9. Bon Bons Nail Polish


C'mon, those little bottles were just so cute. You had to have them all.

10. Britney Spears Curious Perfume


Needing the Princess of Pop's first fragrance in your life was kind of a given.

11. Lip Smackers


Some beauty products were just made to be collected. So how could you deny yourself owning all of the flavors?

12. Stick-On Rhinestones


Whether you wore them next to your eyes or around your bellybutton, it was important to have a stock of rhinestones for any and every occasion.

13. NARS Orgasm Blush


Even though the name made you blush, you were still ready to blow your allowance on one of these covetable cheek colors.

14. Bath & Body Works Everything


Bath and Body Works sales were basically a major holiday in you and your wallet's eyes.

15. Benefit BADgal Mascara


This name just screamed to your early 2000s self.

16. NYC Bronzer


If you were scared of self-tanner, this was your go-to for that ultra-bronzed look.

17. Jessica Simpson Dessert Perfume


Who didn't want to smell (and... taste...) like sugar and cake?

18. Bonne Bell Lip Gloss


When it came to dessert-flavored glosses, Bonne Bell's were the ultimate. And besides, were you really supposed to choose just one?

Your allowance never stood a chance.

Images: RgStudio/E+/Getty Images; Courtesy of Brands; gregoryk894, fragranceboom, myvaluepal/eBay