Beyoncé Releases "Sorry" As A Standalone Video

It wouldn't be a day ending in 'Y' if Beyoncé didn't do something that had me frantically scrambling over to Google to try to catch up with her. So, when she dropped the "Sorry" standalone music video on Wednesday, you know I had some questions. The first and most important one was whether or not the "Sorry" music video is different from Lemonade. I'm lucky I wasn't holding an armful of dishes; that's how quickly I dropped everything to get to the bottom of this. Queen that she is, it wouldn't have surprised me if Beyoncé had somehow put together an entirely new, independent music video for "Sorry" since Lemonade premiered on Apr. 23, even in the midst of her Formation World Tour and everything she has going on in her life

However, just this once, that wasn't the case. Beyoncé reused material — albeit her own — plucking the "Sorry" portion out of Lemonade in its entirety, and making it a standalone video that you can watch separately from the whole feature. Which is actually a very kind and great thing. Even if you did purchase the visual album, or get a Tidal subscription to watch it, odds are that you don't want to go scrolling through it looking for exact moments. Ain't nobody got time for that.

And if you somehow didn't get sucked into shelling out money for this genius piece of art, then congratulations. You've officially waited long enough to see part of it for free, and you can watch the track "Sorry" in its entirety literally any time you want, starting right now.

Re-releasing an entire video independently of Lemonade for the sole reason that it makes it easier for her fans to watch and enjoy? I ain't sorry, and I'm sure Beyoncé ain't either.

Image: beyonceVEVO/YouTube