Could Beyonce Have Cheated On Jay Z?

While Justin Bieber's "Sorry" is still incredibly catchy, Beyoncé released a track with the same name and it's equally great. On Saturday, Bey premiered her Lemonade HBO special, which doubled as a visual album. This not only left fans in awe, but also slightly confused. Plenty of questions arose, such as: Did Jay Z cheat on Beyoncé? Who is the Becky that gets referenced? And finally, did Beyoncé cheat on Jay Z? The allegations could possibly go both ways, and the song "Sorry" may hold the biggest hints.

Back in 2014, when that whole elevator incident went down (where it appeared that Solange attacked Jay Z), cheating rumors surfaced about the Carters. People assumed that Jay may have cheated on Bey, but while other lyrics from Lemonade hint that this could have happened, there's also the possibility that the reverse scenario could've gone down: that Beyoncé cheated on him. It likely won't ever be revealed what actually happened with the couple, but the song "Sorry" definitely brought up some question.s Bustle reached out to Beyonce and Jay Z's reps for comment, but has not yet heard back.

So let's investigate what Queen Bey could be trying to tell her fans in this song. I've pulled three pieces of evidence directly from the "Sorry" lyrics.

Exhibit A

Sorry, I ain't sorrySorry, I ain't sorryI ain't sorry

Why would she be the one who's sorry? To me, that sounds like maybe she may be guilty of something, too. Perhaps this could be a clue that she may have strayed or done something she shouldn't have. Either way, it's clear she's not feeling apologetic in the least bit.

Exhibit B

Now I'm the one that's lyingAnd I don't feel bad about itIt's exactly what you getStop interrupting my grindingI ain't thinking 'bout you

What are you lying about, Bey? Plus, she doesn't even feel bad about it, because she's not thinking about "you" — whoever the "you" in that song may be. This is an interesting new development.

Exhibit C

Middle fingers up, put them hands highWave it in his face, tell him, boy, byeTell him, boy, bye, boy, byeMiddle fingers up, I ain't thinking 'bout you

She's not thinking about whatever guy is the subject in the song. She's just giving the middle finger and focusing on herself. Could this mean that the ultimate middle finger would be leaving Jay — or whoever the song's about — for another guy?

The Rebuttal

Then again, maybe she didn't cheat on him. Just read these words:

I left a note in the hallwayBy the time you read it, I'll be far awayI'm far awayBut I ain't f*cking with nobodyLet's have a toast to the good life

She straight up says she's not "f*cking with nobody." Of course, this doesn't say she's not sleeping with someone, since "with" is thrown in there. But still, I take the lyrics to mean she's not messing around in any sense of the word.

P.s. We talked Lemonade on the latest episode of Bustle's podcast The Chat Room, because duh. Listen here:

It's unclear what actually happened, and fans may never know the truth, no matter what rumors may surface. But considering all of the above lyrics, it's natural to have some questions about what went down between Jay and Bey. One thing I know for sure? Beyonce loves to be incredibly cryptic with her songs.

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