Aunt Becky Was The Best 'Full House' Love Interest & Here's Why

In case you were unsure, I am here to tell you that Rebecca Katsopolis nee Donaldson was Full House's best love interest. This needs no preamble, because it is a true fact. Why was Aunt Becky Full House's best love interest? Well, first of all, because I bet you forgot that Aunt Becky wasn't initially woven into the fabric of the show. She entered seamlessly and her presence was not only needed, but wanted. She had amazing chemistry not only with Uncle Jesse but with the rest of the Tanner extended family to boot. She was a total shoe-in from the start.

Another reason that Aunt Becky was the absolute best? Because she started as a love interest, which I think the show needed, but at the same time, she was also so much more than that. She had her own agency, her own storylines, and her own relationship with the characters outside of Uncle Jesse. Her character was well thought out, endearing, and most importantly, three dimensional. Basically, she didn't just exist to support Uncle Jesse's storyline needs. She became her own unique person, and, quite honestly, she was the better half of that relationship.

Listen, I can go on about Aunt Becky for days, but I'll save you the time and narrow it down. Here are 11 reasons why Aunt Becky was Full House's best love interest:

1. She And Jesse Had The Most Epic Introduction


Which helped them build a solid foundation for the relationship.

2. She Was Smarter Than Literally Everyone Else


As seen in my fave episode.

3. She Made This Happen


I still swoon.

4. She And Uncle Jesse Had So Much Fun Together


In fiction as in real life, the best romantic relationships have true friendship at its core.

5. Actually, They Still Do


Aunt Becky has staying power.

6. She Put Jesse In His Place

As with any good couple, they complemented one another.

7. Like I Said, Chemistry

They had it in spades.

8. She Brought The Sass

Can I be frank? Full House needed a little edge before Becky showed up.

9. And Some Much Needed Femininity To The Show

And broke tired, sexist stereotypes while doing so. Aunt Becky was good at a million other things, so cooking didn't have to be one of her many talents. And, quite frankly, I am glad it wasn't.

10. She Was A Maternal Figure For The Girls

Which even Danny's fiancée Vicky wasn't. There's a reason we all refer to her as Aunt Becky. She was so convincing in her role that we feel like she's our own family. That's the sign of good character work.

11. She Brought Stability To The Relationship

Aunt Becky held down the fort not only with her successful, thriving career, but with her levelheadedness.

In summary, Aunt Becky rules. Fight me on it.

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