SJP's 'Divorce' Could Be The 'SATC' Of The '10s

Have you spent the past decade feeling like there's been a massive Sarah-Jessica-Parker-shaped void on television ever since Sex and the City aired its final episode? Because I definitely have. The woman is a sassy comedy genius, with comic timing so sharp it should be outlawed on the streets. So it's a great pleasure that we don't have too much longer to wait before she's back on our screens. Parker's new show, Divorce, premieres on HBO in the fall, and we've finally been treated to a teaser trailer, which makes it look awesome. Full of biting, dry humor and sharp observations regarding the complexities of modern relationships, the official HBO Divorce trailer also seems to hint at some genuine, heartfelt drama.

What is perhaps most notable about the teaser is how tonally similar Divorce is to SATC. It could well be the '10s equivalent to the groundbreaking show from the late '90s / early '00s. From casting choices, to the focal points of the narrative, to the styles of humor, to the on-point commentary on modern relationships, Divorce is looking a lot like it could be the older, wiser sister of SATC. And I, for one, cannot wait. Watch the teaser trailer for Divorce below, before joining me in making some obvious connections between the two shows.

1. Our Relationships Have Changed, And That Needs Talking About

As the trailer appears to highlight (with Haden Church's character, Robert, admitting to having an "emotional affair"), it's much easier for people these days to find intimacy necessarily having to have sex. Thanks to the internet, issues of dating, long-term relationships, and fidelity have become much more complicated. SATC portrayed dating without the intense pressures of the internet getting in the way, instead focusing on physical, emotional, and social connections, and the relationships (or lack thereof) that became of them.

2. Divorce Looks To Tap Into The Zeitgeist Just Like SATC Did

When SATC first arrived, it was clear that there was no other show like it. Not only were people ready for a TV series which understood the power of female friendships, but they were also ready for a show which respected female sexuality and portrayed it in the way that men's had been on screen for years. In 2016, there appears to have been a big cultural shift, with shows like The Affair, Love, and even Grace and Frankie providing the sort of glimpses into complex relationships which audiences seem to want more of, and Divorce definitely appears to have similar vibes.

3. Razor-Sharp Observations

When you're tapping into the zeitgeist, it pays to be supremely observational about culture. SATC was always cutting edge and on point in its commentary on social, sexual, and dating trends. The tip-off that Divorce may be heading into similar territory? That supreme zinger which Frances makes about Robert's mustache, implying the timing of its growth is in some way linked to the dissolution of their relationship. I'm with her on this one.

4. Both Shows Are On HBO

And if there's one thing we know about HBO shows, it's that they don't ever compromise on being explicit. SATC was bold, daring, and a revelation of brazenly cheeky sex scenes. Should we expect to be seeing similar scenes on Divorce? It seems likely. Though I'm not expecting the same creative sexual Olympics of Samantha Jones to be occurring on this new show.

5. Drama With A Side Of Dry Humor

Judging by the trailer, Divorce looks like it's going to be dealing some genuine drama with huge helpings of comedy, which is something that SATC delivered perfectly.

6. Realistic Portrayals Of Complex Love Affairs

Love is complicated, and it's never quite as straightforward, easy, or happily-ever-after as many stories would like to have us believe. Divorce looks like it's playing right into this premise. Back in the '90s, SATC was the show to watch for somewhat realistic portrayals of romantic relationships which were anything but simple.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker Delivers Sass Like Nobody Else

For real. And as a result, there's no doubt in my mind that people will be making automatic parallels between Carrie and Frances. SJP's natural (and exceptional) comic timing and sass were two of the things which really brought the SATC character to life, and which look thankfully prominent in Frances, too. Though that doesn't necessarily mean the two characters will have much else in common.

8. Frances Is Vibing '10s Laidback Fashion Like Carrie Did '90s High-End Fashion

When Divorce was first being talked about, there were more than a few publications eager to know whether SJP would be just as glamorous and outrageous in her fashion choices as she was in SATC. They were also disappointed to discover that gone were the tutus and power suits, and in their place were relaxed, laidback, comfortable outfits. Having seen some of the images of SJP's outfits from Divorce, she actually still looks phenomenally stylish, but in a way which makes much more sense for how we dress in 2016.

9. Ruggedly Handsome Male Leads

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Make no mistake, SATC's leading men were always attractive, but what was perhaps most alluring about a lot of them was that (with the exception of a couple of obvious names), they weren't your stereotypical Hollywood types of handsome. Instead, they were rugged and interesting-looking. With Thomas Haden Church playing the male lead in the show, it seems like Divorce is taking the exact same approach, opting for intriguing looks rather than generic beauty.

Divorce starts on HBO in the Fall, and I for one am booking a decadent evening on the couch (the best seats in the house) well in advance.

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