This 'Bachelor' Spinoff Show Should Become A Trend

Exciting new, Bachelor nation! The couple that you loved all through Season 20 of The Bachelor is coming back to television. On Wednesday, it was announced that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell will star in a Bachelor spinoff reality show on Freeform in the fall. The show, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After will follow the couple as they plan their wedding, try to create new career ventures, and settle into life post-Bachelor. But, as excited as some people might be to see their favorite Bachelor couple come back for more reality TV, I’m hoping that this whole spinoff series sticks around and becomes a trend for other popular couples from Bachelor nation. When I heard the news that Ben and Lauren were getting their own show, my first thought was how this series would be such an awesome tradition to start for some of the show’s most popular love interests.

I mean, just think of how this show will answer all of your burning post-Bachelor questions. Because, let’s face it: No one’s love story ends with marriage and a proposal. For these contestants, the proposal is usually just the beginning of the story that evolves between them. As they return to their real lives and try to negotiate moving in together, changing careers, and newfound fame, there is likely a lot of drama that goes down — drama that the cameras are no longer around to catch. A spinoff show for each of the franchise's most popular couples (Kaitlyn and Shawn?! Sean and Catherine?!) could give fans a chance to keep up with their favorites, as well as follow them as they embark on this amazing journey and life together.

What happens to these couple after the show stops filming is always what I really wonder about. The proposal and the After the Final Rose specials never feel like enough. I want to see what happens after the cameras stop rolling — when they’re sitting home with nothing to do on a Friday night, when they’re ordering in pizza because one of them forgot to get groceries this week, and definitely when they have their first fight. As it is now, we only hear about life after the final rose ceremony in the tabloids and gossip columns. Especially since so many Bachelor and Bachelorette couples don’t make it to the altar, seeing one couple try to make it there together will be fascinating to see first hand.

So I’m hoping with all my might that this television trend is one that keeps on giving. I’d love to see all of America’s favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants trying to negotiate the realities of real-life. Plus, that’s when the real drama always happens anyway.

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