Here's Hoping Drake Attends The BET Awards

You might not be able to pay the big bucks to meet and greet Drake on tour anymore, but there's a major event coming up that just might let you get your fill — that is, if he attends. Will Drake be at the BET Awards on June 26? He's the most nominated artist, with nine nods, so he'll probably be taking home at least a few awards and seeing him appear onstage to accept would be amazing.

Unfortunately, he's incredibly busy, so making time to head to LA for the ceremony might be out of reach. Right now, Drake isn't scheduled to perform anywhere until the kickoff of the Summer '16 Tour on July 20 in Austin, and he's been posting photos from what TMZ speculates is an exclusive resort in the Dominican Republic while reportedly shooting a music video with French Montana.

Another sign that Drake will not be attending is that the guy is clearly trying to conserve his energy. E! News posted a statement from Drake's management explaining why Drake decided to cancel meet and greets and VIP tickets during his upcoming tour:

He'd rather feel good during his tour so he can give the best show he can every night for his fans instead of stress and over work or worry about how to make it through the whole tour.

And on top of that, BET has a list of the scheduled performers and neither Drake nor Rihanna (his frequent collaborator with whom he could make a guest appearance) are on the list. So, if Drake appears at the 2016 BET Awards, no matter how much a live performance from Views would make the night even better it seems he probably won't be performing. However, when it came to the 2016 Grammy Awards, Drake went out of his way to deny that he'd be performing via Twitter. He didn't say anything similar for the BET Awards, so there's a small chance that he'll surprise everyone by jumping onstage. His performance at the awards in 2010 was so great, it would make sense that he wants to return.

Personally, I'm going to hold out hope that the BET's most-nominated artist will make his way there, even if there's no surprise performance in store. Drake's already in the middle of a banner year, and attending the 2016 BET Awards to honor his nine nominations would be yet another way to celebrate his success.