Hayden Has Made Some Changes Since 'BB16'

Big Brother is full of twists, blindsides, and surprises — but it turns out the biggest twist of the premiere episode had nothing to do with gameplay. Returning houseguest Nicole from Big Brother 16 revealed she's single in the Season 18 premiere, which was quite a surprise. While Nicole being single in the Big Brother house isn't new — she was single when she entered the house in BB16 — she left that season with one of the greatest showmances in Big Brother history. It seemed that the Nicole had taken to the rambunctious and charming Hayden, and their showmance continued after their season had ended. However, if Nicole is suddenly single again, that means she and Hayden broke up. And since he didn't join her in the house this time, I'm wondering what Hayden is doing now.

According to their Twitter and Instagram accounts, it seems that Hayden and Nicole were still on good terms a month prior to the premiere of Big Brother. Before that, a lot of Hayden's social media output is dedicated to his adventures with his Big Brother beau. However, since then, it seems like Hayden has started placing focus on himself while his former partner is back in the Big Brother house. Here's a peek into what Hayden's been doing since his Big Brother season.

Getting A Haircut

Arguably the biggest change in Hayden's life that's not related to his relationship status was chopping off his long, luscious locks that helped define his appearance in Big Brother 16. But no matter whether his hair is long, short, or somewhere in between, hairstyle doesn't affect Hayden's charm and humor.

Hanging Out With Andy From BB15

It's not unlikely for Big Brother alumni to spend time together, they do have a very unique shared experience, and Hayden has been spending a lot of time becoming close friends with Andy, the winner of BB15. Given their senses of humor, it's likely that these two would've been a powerhouse alliance if they had been in the house together.

Buying Tomatoes

Hayden had a reputation for being something of a goofball in the house and judging by his love of making jokes on social media, that hasn't changed a bit.

Working Out

Dang. It seems that since his time in the house, Hayden has focused on gaining some muscle.

Visiting Ireland

Sometime after his relationship with Nicole ended, Hayden took some time to go on vacation and experience Ireland. The country can often be a tranquil, calming place but it seems that that didn't stop Hayden and his buddies from getting into some hijinks.

During BB16, Hayden was an easygoing, intelligent, and clever presence. More than anything though, he was fun. His eviction definitely left a void in the house for the remainder of the season as eventually winner Derrick simply picked off the remaining contestants. It appears that Hayden has continued to live that same philosophy of having fun and staying laidback in his everyday life. While Hayden may not be one-half of a Big Brother showmance anymore, he still seems to be living his best life.

Image: Lisette M. Azar/CBS