'Bachelorette' Suitor Jordan Rodgers Denies Being On The Dating App Raya & That Can Only Mean One Thing

We are nearing a special turning point in this season of The Bachelorette. Most of the floaters have gone home, and the majority of men who are still around have an actual shot at getting down one knee at the end of this thing. For some seasoned Bachelorette viewing vets, like me, it's even become clear which contestants will be the final two. Anyone with eyes and a beating heart knows that Aaron Rodgers' little bro — the handsome and charming Jordan — will go far. But the clear frontrunner for JoJo Fletcher's heart on this season of The Bachelorette has come under some fire. As Us Weekly reports, Rodgers was accused of using Raya, an exclusive dating app for people who are famous and/or famous adjacent, just last week.

Rumors of this nature are par for the Bachelor Nation course, though. The top contestants on the show are scrutinized by the public and by media sources and by my mom (she's so difficult to please, honestly). If you've been paying attention to the way these things shake out, oftentimes the contestants with the most heat on them are the contestants with the most to lose (see: the contestants who make it to the top) and, a lot of the time, they stay quiet. But not baby Rodgers, nope. Rodgers is vehemently defending himself against this latest accusation in the below tweet. Which, in my mind points to one thing and one thing only — Jordan Rodgers wins The Bachelorette.

Why else would Rodgers be so quick to defend himself? And not just defend himself with a low key "Sry guys, not on Raya!" tweet, but an approximately 3,000 word essay on how he's definitely, 100 percent, absolutely not on the app. I mean, he even included a screenshot of the email from Raya that noted his cancellation. Then, just 13 hours after that, he posted another email from Raya tech that confirmed his inactivity. He really wants you to know that he is not on the app.

This isn't the first time Jordan has been put on blast for possibly being a playboy. During Episode 1, his ex posted a photo on her own social media account with the following caption: "Riding the bench doesn't get in the way of a relationship, but cheating does." Then, she tagged him, just to make sure that we all knew who she was talking about.

During the last episode, JoJo broached the subject of Jordan's dating history. In an unprecedented Bachelorette move, JoJo told Jordan that she had met an ex of his, and alluded to her concerns of Jordan being a cheater. (The topic of JoJo meeting Jordan's ex and talking about him before production is another story in and of itself.) On top of that, the previews for The Bachelorette's remaining episodes show the men accusing Jordan of not being there for the "right reasons." (Can someone get the contestants a thesaurus? There have to be other ways to say this.)

Are the other men threatened by Jordan's boyish good looks and connection with JoJo? Definitely. Does that make their concerns any less valid? I don't know, but one thing's for sure: There's a reason Jordan needs to be on the defense at this point, post filming. And that reason is that he's JoJo's fiancee, and now he has to not only protect himself, but protect their relationship.

Don't believe me? I'll leave you with this important question: If Jordan isn't Joelle Fletcher's current fiancee, then why was he so adamant to prove that he cancelled his Raya account right when he returned from shooting in May? If he's not chosen by JoJo, it wouldn't really matter who he dated when he got back from filming... right?


Images: Rick Rowell/ABC