Melissa & Mary May Have A 'PLL' Connection

by Caitlin Flynn

OK Melissa Hastings, I don't mean to constantly pick on you — but you're just so sketchy that I can't help it when all my theories inevitably lead back to you. Although Spencer's older sister was absent from the Season 7 premiere, there was one scene that raised a major red flag and made me seriously suspicious about Melissa and Mary Drake's connection on Pretty Little Liars. While Toby and Spencer casually snoop through Mary's things, one item they discover is her passport — and it turns out she flew from Heathrow to Philadelphia about a month before. You know who made the same journey a month ago? That's right, Melissa.

I think it's safe to assume this is no coincidence and it will eventually be addressed. It seems entirely possible that Melissa and Mary are working together and they made the trip back to Rosewood together. And, now that we know Rollins is actually British, it's clear the current A team has strong ties to London and Melissa may be the one pulling the strings. We know that she was living in London during the time jump and, although Mary's whereabouts until present day remain mysterious, it's entirely possible that she lived in London for an extended period of time while Charlotte was in the hospital.

Mary and Melissa working together in London could help explain Rollins' involvement in the A game. One likely possibility is that Rollins and Wren are brothers — but it's also possible that Melissa simply met him through Wren and drew him into the A game. We don't know exactly when Rollins began treating Charlotte, but we do know that he must have feigned an American accent from the moment he met Ali. So, he clearly had an agenda when he arrived in Rosewood and became Charlotte's doctor. We've been lead to believe that he fell in love with Charlotte while she was his patient and he's solely motivated by his feelings for her, but that doesn't explain the fake accent — so everything loops back to Melissa's adopted home country. Perhaps Mary and Melissa sent Rollins to America and ensured that he would become Charlotte's doctor because he would lobby for her to be released as soon as possible.

It's still unclear how exactly Mary and Melissa found each other and teamed up — but the Season 7 premiere hinted that there's a strong connection between Mary and the Hastings family. And, since Melissa always seems to be one step ahead of the Liars, she may have learned of Mary's existence long ago and sought her out. It seems like parallels have been drawn between the two characters. As Mary told Spencer, "I was born first and [Jessica] was born jealous." That totally sounds like something Melissa would say about Spencer, so perhaps these two are kindred spirits.

As far as we know, Melissa is no longer in Rosewood — but the masks have to make us question everything now. Peter told Spencer that Melissa left in a hurry because she received the first threatening text, but she may have lied in order to paint herself as a victim and throw off suspicion. If she's working with Mary and Rollins, it's totally possible that she's still in Rosewood "hiding in plain sight." One scene in the Season 7 premiere makes me think Melissa's still in town — Hanna's "dream" about Spencer, which many people think wasn't a dream at all. Perhaps Mary's comment that Spencer and Melissa "looked like twins" was a clue to viewers and it was really Melissa who visited Hanna. She would have had to wear a mask (luckily those are easy to come by), but the sisters' voices could be just similar enough that Hanna believed she was speaking to Spencer.

In all fairness to Melissa, she could be a victim. There's still a whole lot we don't know about about Mary Drake — for example, many fans have theorized that she may be Bethany Young's mother. If that's the case, Mary probably uncovered the video of Melissa confessing to the murder and she may have gone to London to keep tabs on her and exact revenge when she sees fit. But, for now, I think Melissa's connection to Mary is far more sinister and she may be the mastermind behind the latest A game.

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