Will 'Monica The Medium' Return For Season 3? Monica Ten-Kate Will Be Just As Busy Either Way

Many people are skeptical about psychics to some degree, especially if they're thinking of the stereotypes about fortune tellers with crystal balls. But TV mediums have gained a lot of popularity showing off their supernatural skills — and Monica Ten-Kate, the young woman behind Monica the Medium, has had a particularly irresistible hook, turning her "gifts" from a local interest story at her college to a TV show. And since her Freeform series' second season is coming to an end, will Monica the Medium return for Season 3? Freeform has yet to announce whether the series has been renewed or cancelled, but since Season 2 was renewed the day before the first season's finale, there should be news very soon.

Monica seems devoted to helping people with her skills no matter what happens with her TV show. With heartwarming messages and a gift for sensing things that sometimes seem impossible to fake, Monica the Medium is a sweet and very entertaining show. But Ten-Kate isn't relying on the TV show to use her gifts. In a Facebook post from June 21, Monica said, "crossing my fingers for a Season 3, but either way I'll still be sharing my gift, on or off TV." The fanbase that she's gained from the show should continue to power her business for a long time, regardless of the TV series. Here's what she's been up to lately, proving that you can get to know her even while Monica the Medium isn't on the air.

She's On Tour

Monica has been traveling the nation, doing readings and spreading the word about her series. Right now, most of her events are centered in California, but her website says she'll be adding more locations, if you're interested in hearing from her in person.

She's Throwing Down Wisdom Online

"I've helped and reached thousands and thousands more people than I would've ever been able to without having the platform of the show. I'm only one person, so I'll never be able to privately read each person that reaches out. But the comfort people receive from even just watching other people receive the messages is better than nothing! It shows people that life DOES exist past here in the physical world. That the soul doesn't die. That our loved ones are still with us!!!"

While Monica gets quite a few angry or offended comments, usually from people who wish that she could make more time to do private readings, she always responds with kindness, like in the comment above that she left on a Facebook post. It's very possible that if you leave a comment for her, she will read and respond to it, so if you're curious to ask her a question, try reaching out!

She Might Come To Your Home

In May, Monica opened her first ever raffle for a free in-person group reading. With her availability limited because of her incredible popularity, these contests are one way people who might not have the money or time to book Monica could get a reading form her.

She's Encouraging Others To Share

Healers in Hiding TV on YouTube

Monica is participating in "Healers in Hiding," a web series meant to encourage other people who believe they might have supernatural gifts to come forward and use them to help others.

She's Still Booked Solid

Monica's website is no longer accepting requests for private readings because her schedule is totally booked. That's not great if you were hoping to make an appointment this summer, but for the long list of clients who did book a time, it's good to know that she's making it a priority to catch up on her previous appointments.

And She's Hoping For An Additional Season Of 'Monica The Medium'

While Monica Ten-Kate will still be a successful medium with or without her TV series, of course, she supports Freeform choosing to bring it back for a third season. The way she sees it, Monica the Medium allows her to reach even more people — but she'll continue doing her thing whether or not the show returns.

Image: Freeform/Eric McCandless