Justin Bieber Is A Fan Of 'The Bachelorette' & Doesn't Care Who Knows It — VIDEO

Brace yourself: You're about to find out that you have more in common with Justin Bieber than you ever expected. And honestly, it may make you like him more. On Saturday, Bieber admitted he loves The Bachelorette and shared a clip from the show on Instagram. Just like everybody else, he is fascinated by this season's villain, Chad Johnson. Bieber wrote,

Good point chad milk is delicious and yeah I watch the bachelorette don't judge me

Honestly, I'm not judging Biebs for watching Bachelorette, but I am questioning his decision to agree with Chad. Anyone who's watched even five minutes of JoJo Fletcher's season knows that the guy is unbearable. Even Chad agrees that he's unlikable. He recently watched the show with his sisters and wrote on Instagram, "I understand why some people hate me!" He's just not the nicest guy and a bit aggressive with the other contestants. Then again, maybe Bieber can relate because he's been misunderstood himself. In other words, they both know what it's like to be deemed the bad guy and critiqued by the public. And in which case, Biebs and Chad would probably get along great. Maybe they can even join forces and redeem their reputations.

Regardless, it's pretty amusing and endearing that Biebs isn't ashamed of his Bachelorette fandom — and he has no reason to be. Most guys don't admit to loving the show, but it's quality television. There's a reason that fans tune in every week, isn't there? It's not something to hide. Plus, this isn't the first time he was relatable when it comes to pop culture. The "Sorry" singer loves sharing his TV favorites with fans. For example, Bieber gushed over Bill Nye the Science Guy on Instagram last month. He has a wide range of interests, I suppose.

Can Biebs please join the rest of Bachelor Nation and live-tweet the show every Monday night? I can only imagine the amazing commentary that would ensue.