Where Is Beyonce At The 2016 BET Awards? It's The Question Of The Night

Why should Beyoncé even let us see her anymore? She is a deity — a goddess that sits upon a cloud and releases surprise albums to make sure we’re still obsessed with her. And we are, of course. But while she is powerful, Beyoncé is gracious. She graces us with her presence during premieres and performances at award shows. Speaking of award shows, with the 2016 BET Awards on Sunday, many fans are asking: where is Beyoncé at the 2016 BET Awards? Update: Beyonce gave a surprise performance at the BET Awards with Kendrick Lamar to open the show.

Earlier: Beyoncé has had a big year — her sixth album, Lemonade, was released by way of an HBO special on April 23, 2016, and then she went on a sold-out tour to support said surprise record. Oh, and if touring and making an album and all that weren’t enough, Beyoncé also released her own line of athletic wear, Ivy Park, with Topshop. At the 2016 BET Awards, Beyoncé is nominated for five awards (she’s tied with Rihanna for the most) including Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, Best Collaboration (“Feelin’ Myself” with Nicki Minaj), and Video of the Year. Interestingly enough, Lemonade is not nominated at the 2016 BET Awards — Lemonade is technically a visual album, and there’s no category for that. “Formation” is only nominated because Beyoncé released it as a single on its own.

But, like I said — Beyoncé is gracious, and it sure seems like she's planning something at the BET Awards. Maybe? Possibly? According to Twitter, her backup dancers have been seen in rehearsal and on the floor.

In a conversation on the red carpet, Tia Mowry mentioned that she had heard a rumor or two that Beyoncé might be performing, only to have host Rocsi Diaz throw the feed to her cohost. Tia, you should know better than to give away a big scoop like that! Diaz also tried to get some information out of Chloe X Halle, Beyoncé's latest proteges, about their performance (would the Queen join?) but they were not biting. The bottom line: Beyoncé could possibly be at the 2016 BET Awards, and she could possibly be performing. There's no guarantee of that until we see her radiant face on that stage, but I shall remain hopeful.