Does Taylor Swift Have Snapchat?

by Michelle McGahan

Snapchat is quickly becoming one of my favorite forms of social media — and particularly one of my favorite forms of social media on which to follow celebrities. Sure, it's fun face-swapping with friends and geo-filtering photos, but the real reason I tap that ghost icon every day is because it's crucial that I get the inside scoop on what my fave stars are up to behind-the-scenes. (True fact: You haven't actually lived until you've seen Kylie Jenner's Snaps of her outrageous closets.) Therefore, I'm forever on a never-ending quest to find my fave celebs on the app — especially A-list celebs like social media goddess Taylor Swift. Real talk: Does Taylor Swift have Snapchat?

T. Swift is active on almost every form of social media imaginable — and best of all, unlike some stars who have publicists or social media managers run their accounts, she's the only one updating her socials. The "Out of the Woods" singer has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr... but not yet Snapchat, which is a grave disappointment to me every time I open this app and want nothing more than to see Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey appear in a Snap story. Is that really too much to ask?

Let's talk about what the world would be like if Swift had Snapchat. For one, we could expect more hilarious cat videos, which is the real reason I follow the singer-songwriter on Instagram anyway (JK, but her kitties really are the best). And probably even some cooking and baking vids, since T. Swift, in addition to being a Grammy Award-winning music genius, is also a badass domestic goddess. Did I mention the arts and crafts?

And now that she is one-half of Hiddleswift, maybe there would even be some Swift/Hiddleston face-swap action going on. Can you imagine that one? The screenshots would straight-up drown Twitter.

Don't get me wrong: Swift's Insta does a pretty good job of documenting her everyday routine, but Snapchat would really bring home the bacon. For one, it's more spontaneous and off-the-cuff — since you can't upload a photo or video from your camera roll, you're forced to capture the image in real-time, which is plenty exciting for fans who love up-to-the-second updates from their faves. Because of this — and the fact that the stories disappear after a certain period of time — Snapchat presents a more unfiltered look at a star's life. Even as someone as airbrushed as Kylie Jenner has silly, not-entirely-perfect Snap videos.

So for someone like Swift, who carefully curates her social media, Snapchat could be a fun way to let loose. And since it's socially acceptable to just keep piling on photos and videos to your story with no worry of clogging up a feed, T. Swift could provide fans with a crazy amount of content, and everyone would be all over it.

Ultimately, if Swift had Snapchat, she would be giving fans the inner-circle access that we crave. We'd be able to see into the daily life of Taylor Swift — even more so than on Instagram — and could further pretend like we're secretly BFFs with the biggest pop star in the world. Consider it, T. Swizz?

Image: Giphy