13 Quotes From 'Full House's Kimmy Gibbler That Taught You To Speak Your Mind, No Matter What

If anyone on the '90s sitcom Full House was known for keeping things real, it was D.J.'s best friend and the Tanner's wacky next door neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler. She not only managed to barge into their house whenever she wasn't necessarily welcome, but she also had absolutely no filter. From her hilarious comments on everyone around her to her brazen statements about her own personal life, nothing was off limits for Gibbler. But for all the times she made us a little uncomfortable, there was something so wonderful about the blunt and limitless phrases that she spouted on a daily basis. In fact, no matter how inappropriate she may have been at times, Kimmy deserves some serious credit for the underlying message of her frequent outbursts. Aside from Michelle's unexpected quips and Stephanie's quick tongue — Kimmy taught us all how to speak our minds.

And there's something so freeing about not caring about what anybody thinks. Saying the first thing on your mind and owning your truths would make Kimmy proud. Because, as Kimmy has proven time and time again, just being yourself is enough — even if that meant getting on Danny's last nerve. Here are just some of Kimmy's best quotes that are nothing less than perfect tools in a world full of negativity.

1. "Somebody's trap door's buttoned too tight."

Whenever Danny was acting too serious, Kimmy just couldn't let it slide. With this light-hearted comment she not only confidently pointed out how uncomfortable she was, but she allowed Danny to take a step back and laugh at himself. Whether he wanted to or not.

2. "Well, I can tell by the ol' hole in the wall that it's time for me to go."

Yep, Kimmy was the queen of pointing out the obvious. There is no problem she was going to deal with if she didn't have to.

3. "You're the losers who drilled a peep hole in the girls locker room."

Calling out the boys? Yep, Kimmy even did that. She put the creeps in their place and proved that we can too. She has the brains and she's using them.

4. "I don't remember that ugly fur rug being there."

Oh, how I adore the love-hate relationship between Kimmy and Uncle Jesse. If Kimmy says something rude and blunt about your look, take it as a compliment. Because there is nothing that goes unnoticed by this gal.

5. "You just can't admit you were jealous of me! You had to embarrass me and take my car keys, like, like I'm some kind of child!"

This episode of Full House had to be the realist. D.J. crossed a line in order to save Kimmy from the dangers of drunk driving and, while D.J. may have been right, Kimmy definitely stood up for herself. There's no cattiness allowed in her friendships. Kimmy sure taught us to address any friend problems straight-up.

6. "I knew my best friend would be planning the greatest night of my life."

Oh, the snark! Kimmy's pure oblivion mixed with her sarcastic sense of humor always leads her to get what she wants. Even if that wasn't the original plan.

7. "I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you... Only you're not joining in."

Kimmy could never be in the wrong. She states the obvious to make even the awkwardest situations OK again.

8. "So, Deej, what do you think of this orange lipstick?"

Her fashion sense has always been a little bit odd. But that never stopped Kimmy from sharing her style and proudly asking for the opinions of others. Embrace who you are and do you, Kimmy!

9. "Can I have your autograph? Just write 'To Kimmy, the woman of my dreams.'"

We've all had that time in our lives where we come face-to-face with a crush. But, with the wise words of Kimmy, there's no reason to beat around the bush. Share your feelings and say what you feel.

10. "I had a traumatic experience with squash once — I ate one."

You can't make Kimmy do anything she doesn't want to do. While she was always up for a wild adventure, that didn't mean that she repeated her mistakes. And she did it all with a little bit of sass.

11. "My parents wanted to fly me to Pittsburgh for Wrestlemania VI but I said 'No way.'"

Kimmy's parents were always somewhat of a mystery in Full House. However, that didn't mean that Kimmy had a tight filter on what life was like at home. She stood up for herself, did what she wanted, and let all opinions of her action roll off her back.

12. "Your anniversary and my 16th birthday falling on the same day."

Connecting every conversation back to herself? Yep, Kimmy did that too. And while this may be a negative trait to have, it came in handy when she needed to keep her friend's egos in check. It's what made Kimmy that all-in kind of friend.

13. "I don't have a clue!"

Kimmy never fought against the overall notion of the fact that she didn't know it all. She embraced her negatives loudly and proudly — even if it was to assist a lie.

So, in the end, it's hard not to love Kimmy. After all, she kept things real by saying things others wouldn't.

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