8 Things Chase's Instagram Reveals About 'The Bachelorette' Frontrunner

Well Bachelor Nation, it's hard to believe but we are almost at that time in the Bachelorette season where JoJo will get to take a lucky group of four suitors on the infamous hometown dates portion of the journey. In about three short weeks, the men we have remaining will be whittled down to four and will take JoJo to meet their families. Personally, I think that Chase McNary will end up in The Bachelorette Final 4 at the very least. He and JoJo have a seriously obvious connection, and I think that she will keep him around. So, what's all the fuss about him? Well, Chase's Instagram tells a lot about who he is, and why JoJo may be so into him.

Chase doesn't seem to be much of a mystery. Right off the bat, his Instagram bio lists out exactly what he is into. To name a few of Chase's interests, he's into God, guns, lions, fitness, and trucks. That's a pretty straightforward list, I'd say. All of these things are definitely evident in the photos that he posts to social media. Here are some of the photos that definitely allow us get to know him a little better. Take a journey into Chase McNary's Instagram with me.

1. He Loves His Parents

It's pretty clear that Chase loves his mom and dad. He basically gushes when he writes about them. Adorable.

2. He Loves Golf

This guy is always golfing.

3. He's Still Not Used To Being On TV

Chase is me if I were ever on television. Of course, I would take a picture of myself on the news.

4. He Loves Taking Photos Of His Back

I mean, I get it.

5. He Really Does Love Lions

Chase posts a lot of photos of lions. It's no surprise since is ABC bio states that he has one tattoo and it's a lion on his ribcage.

6. He's Outdoorsy

Chase is always outside. He hikes, golfs and plays in the snow. Luckily, he documents his adventures.

7. He Loves America

Chase is super patriotic. Like, wearing American flag tank tops kind of patriotic.

8. He Loves His Pup

Chase's puppy, Hammer, is literally the most adorable thing I have ever seen, and Chase loves him so much that it will make you swoon.

Basically, Chase is pretty adorable and JoJo needs to keep him around. I see him going all the way, especially if he shows her the puppy.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC