Who Would Andy Want On 'Housewives All-Stars'?

by Marenah Dobin

If you're anything like me, you cannot get enough of Real Housewives. Thankfully, this year two new cities were added to the franchise, Potomac and Dallas, but Real Housewives fanatics still want more. Lately, there has been some talk about an all-star edition of the show, which would be every fan's dream come true. While celebrating (and tasting) the new ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus during the #DeltaAmexPerks Coolhaus Ice Cream Tour in New York City on Monday, Andy Cohen talks about the possibility of a Real Housewives all-star show, who would be in his dream cast, and when and how it could happen.

"I would have the originals: Ramona [Singer], [Lisa] Vanderpump, Vicki [Gunvalson], Teresa [Giudice], NeNe [Leakes]," Cohen says of his picks. That sounds on point to me!

I've been hoping for a Real Housewives All-Stars show for a while now, and apparently I'm not the only one since Cohen has discussed this before. With that said, his casting this time is different than the line-up he's given in the past. But I totally understand; there are just too many good Real Housewives cast members to choose from.

In an interview posted on Bravo's Facebook page in May, Cohen first named Adriana de Moura from Real Housewives of Miami to join the hypothetical cast. The fate of RHOM has been up in the air for years, so that's a weird first draft pick to say the least. After de Moura, he said Teresa Giudice (duh), Erika Jayne, Bethenny Frankel, and Kandi Burruss. As much as I am a fan of those ladies, that list seemed off — at least in my opinion, so I get why he would change up his response and go with some more long-time Housewives.

So, is this happening any time soon? Sadly, no. Cohen clarifies his vision for an all-star version of the show when he says, “By the way it’s been way over blown. What I said is it will happen in the very end of things when the show is near dead. So that won’t be happening any time soon.” I can't ever imagine the franchise dying down, so it's possible that an all-star version will never actually happen — but obviously I'm praying that it does, just in a different way.

I also asked Cohen what he thinks about the newest Real Housewives shows that take place in Potomac and Dallas. "I feel great about them," he says. "You know what, Karen [Huger] cracks me up on the Potomac Housewives. I think she’s got really funny interviews. She's like the Countess of Potomac." And he agrees when I throw in my two cents about LeeAnne Locken bringing a lot of good drama to Real Housewives of Dallas. Maybe if these shows stick around there will be other ladies who will join in on the all-star fun if it eventually happens.

While Cohen is picking his favorites, I can't help but be curious on his thoughts about the next generation: the Real Housewives kids. Asked which of them is the most entertaining, Cohen immediately responds, "Milania [Giudice] is pretty entertaining. So is Ayden [Nida]. They’re two of my favorites.” He also says that Kyle Richards's daughter "Portia [Umansky] is really cute" and explains why he loves Ramona's daughter Avery: "Avery has always been entertaining being Ramona’s daughter. She keeps Ramona in check. I wish she was on the show more.” So do I, Andy. Maybe a Real Housewives: Next Generation could be a reincarnation of the franchise. Hint, hint.

Today, Real Housewives is such a phenomenon and making a permanent mark on pop culture, with the women becoming bona fide celebrities. But the funniest part about it is that the man behind it all is more shocked about its success than all of us. I ask if there is a Bravo show that he was surprised took off and Cohen instantly says, "Real Housewives. In the beginning, we didn’t know what it was going to be at all." And now Real Housewives is taking over. Soon the franchise will move past spinoff series and just get its own network with exclusive Real Housewives content. Well, not really, but there is definitely enough drama for it to happen.