'Tarzan' In 3D Is No 'Jungle Book', But That's OK

It's officially summer, which means it's time for blockbusters. Big, action-packed popcorn movies are what summer is all about, and this year is no exception. From Independence Day: Resurgence to Ghostbusters to Star Trek: Beyond, this summer is all about spectacle. And one of the biggest spectacle films coming out over the Fourth of July weekend is The Legend of Tarzan. The trailer for the film is absolutely insane, with loads of action and special effects, adding up to one intense movie experience. So should you see Legend of Tarzan in 3D?

I guess it depends on what you're looking to get out of the film. If you're looking for a movie with revolutionary, can't miss 3D, then you're better off trying to find a theater that's still showing The Jungle Book in 3D. See, there are two ways of producing a 3D film. The first is by using 3D cameras and filming the movie in native 3D. This is the process used in immersive films like The Jungle Book, and Avatar before it, and it offers a richer and more realistic 3D experience. Most films, however, film in regular 2D, and then convert the footage to 3D in post-production. This is the method used in The Legend of Tarzan , and 3D aficionados often criticize this method as being inferior to native 3D.

However, it's not like watching The Legend of Tarzan in 3D is going to take anything away from your experience just because it's not native 3D. This is a big, spectacle movie, and will likely be best enjoyed on the biggest, fanciest screen you can find — and that includes watching it in 3D. Plus, how cool would it be to see Tarzan swing through the jungle in that format? Even though the 3D is converted 2D film, it still should make for some fun effects in the jungle. Also, if you're a fan of Tarzan, or of movie studios taking risks, then you should think about paying for the 3D upgrade to make sure the movie does well in order to encourage more original blockbusters like The Legend of Tarzan to be made (I know Tarzan isn't an original property, but at least the movie isn't a sequel).

So if you like it when movie studios try to produce original blockbusters rather than spouting out endless sequels, and if you really want to see Tarzan and a bunch of apes swinging through the jungle in the third dimension, then throw in a few extra bucks to see the movie in 3D — your eyes will thank you for it.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy