You Can Still Listen To Wells Post-'Bachelorette'

It's official. My dreams are dead. Wells is gone from The Bachelorette, and now we're doomed to watch the dull Luke and the duller Robby and Jordan slug it out for Jordan's heart. JoJo had some good reasons to send him home — when it came down to it, they didn't have buckets of chemistry, and the shy, charming side of Wells may have worked for his legions of Bachelor Nation fans, but it didn't seem to do it for JoJo. And that's OK! The girl can live her life wherever it takes her. But me? I am not ready to let go of Wells. Luckily, because he's a DJ in his non- Bachelorette life, I don't have to. And you don't have to either! I've dug up ways to listen to Wells' radio show, even after his The Bachelorette elimination!

Until we can get the Wells for Bachelor 2017 campaign up and running, fans of the newly jettisoned star can rest easy knowing they can get their fix of the charmingly self-deprecating DJ even now that he's gone from our television sets. Your listening enjoyment will greatly increase if you're a fan of classic or indie rock, but we all know that for Wells, even listening to Mongolian Throat Singing would be totally worth it. (Or you know, Nickelback.)

According to his All Access bio, after working the morning DJ shift, Wells made the move to primetime rock music DJ-ing, contributing both to Nashville's The Rock 105.9 and Alt 98.3. Not based in Nashville? Don't worry, you can listen to both The Rock and Alt online, anytime. (Pro tip: Wells hits The Rock in the mornings and Alt in the afternoons, in case you want to catch a taste of some of Nashville's best music alongside Well's sweet, dulcet voice.)

On The Rock, you can expect sweet retro tunes from Poison and Styx, and on Alt, Wells has got everything from Oasis to Mumford & Sons in the lineup. He's got great music taste and a fun wit to boot, and based on what I've seen on Twitter and Instagram, he basically lives in the studio. He even had our man James Taylor into the recording studio just a few weeks ago! (Aw, it does my heart good to see The Bachelorette spawning lifetime friendships.)

He also likes to chill out with awesome musicians in the studio — and is clearly genuinely excited to do his job every day, an awesome quality in both a partner and a DJ.

If you're lucky, you might even catch Wells repping his ludicrously sweet animal rescue project (via these awesome taco T-shirts) meant to raise money and awareness for animal shelters in Nashville.

I'm still relatively despondent after his elimination, but I know Wells has a bright future ahead, even if it's without JoJo at his side.

We'll always have the radio, right Wells?

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; majeedekbal, bacheloretteabc/Tumblr