Ice Cream Books Provides Delicious Discomfort

You might be used to curling up with a novel and a mug of tea every night, but this Instagram account takes book and food pairings to the next level. Ice Cream Books plops sweet, melty treats onto the covers of your favorite titles. And, I'mma be honest, it's got me feeling some sort of way.

I've spent my entire life as a book lover. I don't dog ear pages, and I never so much as highlighted in a text until college made that a necessary practice. In fact, the worst thing I do to books is lay them open, pages down, to mark my place. So the idea of putting ice cream on books makes me uncomfortable, to say the least.

Still, Ice Cream Books' pictures are absolutely lovely. The photographer blends bright backgrounds with deep shadows, interesting ice cream angles, and high-contrast color pairings to create some of the best book photos you've ever seen. Seriously, you'll be left wondering why more books don't market themselves with ice cream on their covers.

Check out some of Ice Cream Books' awesome photography below, then head on over to the website for more images of melted dairy on paper.

Image: ice_cream_books/Instagram