Why Alex Is The New Chad On 'The Bachelorette'

Now that we're down to the final six guys on The Bachelorette , the race for JoJo's heart is more competitive than ever. And while I understand that such a stressful scenario has the ability to bring out the worst in people, I feel as though Alex has become the new Bachelorette villain. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that Alex is the new Chad, but without the hysterical one-liners, which was basically the best part. In other words, Alex has got to go. Unfortunately, however, it seems to be taking JoJo a longer time to realize this for some reason, so we'll still have to deal with his inevitable eye-rolling antics for at least another week. But much like with what happened to Chad, Alex's unsettling behavior won't keep him in the running forever.

Granted, I get that it's normally essential for reality shows to have a villain or two within the mix in order to keep things interesting. But now that we're getting so close to the finale (and the distribution of that final rose), the time for childish drama is over. So if you were still debating whether or not Alex deserves to remain on this show, here's some concrete proof that he is the new Chad and therefore needs to be sent packing ASAP. His antics may be amusing to watch at times, but in the end, JoJo deserves better.

The Attention He Gets Is Always Negative

They say that all press is good press, but not when it comes to finding true love. It seems like Alex never has anything nice to say about anything ever, which is not a great attribute to have, especially when you're trying to woo someone. I'm honestly having a hard time thinking of one positive thing Alex has shared about himself. When I look at him, all I see is drama.

He Tries To Bring The Other Guys Down

Instead of focusing on what he can do to make JoJo happy, he spends his time picking fights with the other contestants as a way to get inside their head. Sure, it made sense when they all rallied against Chad since he was taking his threats a little too far (like promising to find Jordan after the show and harm him), but even now that Chad isn't there, Alex is still targeting the other guys for no real reason. That's not exactly what I would call husband material.

He's Hypocritical

When JoJo gave Derek a rose a few weeks back in order to reassure him of her feelings, Alex got so angry about it and proceeded to shame Derek about it, saying it wasn't the right way to get a rose. But the thing is that Alex had quite literally done the exact same thing during that episode. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

He Lives For The Drama

Despite how much Chad claimed to not want all of the attention he received, you know deep down he kind of loved it. Otherwise, why would he bother saying all the attention-seeking things that he said? Alex is the same way and secretly relishes in chaos, probably to help take focus away from the fact that he's not the one for JoJo.

He's Really Into Working Out

In fact, he even did push-ups with JoJo on his back during the first night they met. Then, ironically, he proceeded to make fun of Chad's suitcase-clad pull ups. Umm, you're not all that far off from being at that point, buddy.

He's A Bully

What it all boils down to is the fact that Alex is just plain mean. Despite what he tries to convey, he's not a nice person to be around and therefore wouldn't prove to be a positive influence in JoJo's life.

Bottom line here: it's time for this guy to go and stop being a thorn in this bed of rose-worthy candidates.

Images: Veronica Gambini/ABC; bacheloretteabc/Tumblr (2); Giphy (4)