A Frank & Nicole 'Big Brother 18' Showmance Could Evolve From Their Powerful Alliance

Summer has fully arrived, and love could be in the air in the Big Brother house. It's rare for a season of the show to go by without a Big Brother showmance, and live feed watchers have noticed that two of the returning houseguests are hitting it off rather well. While many of the new houseguests are being fun and flirty, it seems that BB14's Frank Eudy and BB16's Nicole Franzel have been growing close and becoming good friends. However, is this solely a friendship or could Nicole and Frank become a Big Brother 18 showmance?

Frank and Nicole are part of the powerful 8-pack alliance that currently seems to be ruling the house (if their plan to evict Jozea ends up working, that is), but their partnership seems to be one of the most effective Big Brother duos in the house. They're both underdogs from their respective seasons that value loyalty and fun above all else while still playing a strong social game in their efforts to make it to the end. If their partnership keeps bringing them success and this friendship continues to grow, the house could be run by Francole sooner rather than later.

Nicole was known in BB16 for her showmance with Hayden, which ended before the beginning of BB18, as Nicole revealed that she's single in the season premiere. However, Nicole also said that she intends on not getting distracted by any guys this season. Still, Frank Eudy isn't just another guy. He has proven himself to be a cunning, intelligent, and strong player and a great ally in the game. Showmances in the Big Brother house often start out as strong alliances and that's definitely what Frank and Nicole have.

So while Nicole and Frank may not be in full showmance mode, they're definitely getting closer. In fact, before she knew they would be housemates together, Nicole said in her CBS bio that Frank is her favorite former houseguest "because he was very trustworthy and loyal to his alliances and ally. He had to fight to stay in the house continuously and didn't crack under pressure." It's probably those qualities that led Nicole to agree to a final two deal with Frank, promising to look out for each other to try and make sure that they are the only pair left in the house by the end of the season. It could be argued that a final two deal actually involves more trust than a Big Brother showmance, as one is willingly putting their entire game in the hands of another person. They are both strong players and not only is it possible that they could end up in the final two, but they just might fall for each other along the way.

Fans have already suspected that Nicole and Corey could be BB18 showmance material, but Nicole's attraction to Corey seems to start and end at thinking he is cute. Nicole and Frank, on the other hand, could go down as one of Big Brother's most powerful power duos. These two former underdogs have managed to work their way into the most powerful positions in the house, all while retaining the humor and likability that made them fan favorites in the first place. Even if Francole doesn't end up becoming a BB18 showmance, the rest of the house should be on the lookout for these two powerful players.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS