Where Can You Buy Lisa Frank Party Favors? Here's Where You Need To Be

I can't imagine you haven't noticed that for some reason the '90s are seriously trending in 2016. So naturally when you're planning a party, the number one question you have is where can you buy Lisa Frank Party favors? Because is it really a 2016 party if it's not decked out in the '90s best prints? (The answer is no.)

Our nostalgia tanks are so satiated and fulfilled by '90s paraphernalia that it's really quite remarkable. The things that we grew up loathing in middle school have now become the things we're most draw to as adults. We miss the colors. We miss the optimism and the cheese. We miss the casual comforts and stylish sensibilities. I mean, has any clip pulled your hair back as efficiently as a row of butterfly clips since? Has any TV show both warmed your heart and made you chuckle like Full House since? Has any collectable made you as impassioned as a Beanie Baby since?

I specifically remember holding up a pair of overalls in my childhood bedroom and saying to myself, "Yes, these are going to the Goodwill. I will never wear them again. There is no way these will ever be cool again. No matter how many elements of fashion repeats themselves, overalls will not be part of it." And yet there I was, in my 20s, standing at a department store looking at a pair of upscale overalls wishing I never threw my old ones away. Yes, that's right, upscale overalls. Apparently they're cool again. Like really cool. Like front-cover-of-a-magazine-cool.

So like I was saying, yes, there are now Lisa Frank party favors for sale, and guess what? You can find them very conveniently at Walmart. And by now I mean again. Because there's just something about those neon colored jungle animals that we can't get enough of.

Lisa Frank Rainbow Majesty Party Hats, 8pk, $2, Walmart.com

And if you're serious about having a Lisa Frank-themed party, I'd hurry your tush over to the checkout, because if this release is anything like the one at the beginning of the school year in the '90s, the school supply stores looked like a stampede had ravaged them and those novelty folders were sold out before you even knew they hit the shelves.

Lisa Frank Rainbow Majesty Diamond Rings , 4pk, $2.29, Walmart

This new-old party favor line has literally everything you could ever dream of. From napkins to noise-makers and sparkly unicorn tablecloths in between. They're the perfect touch for a retro-themed adult summer party, or yeah, for a child's birthday. Because it just hit me that perhaps these are actually made for children. But never you mind! Let your Lisa Frank obsession live on! Let your love for unicorns with glitter manes and cats with human eyes forever make you happy and light.

Images: Walmart, Giphy