This 'PLL' Promo Is Shocking & Terrifying

By Kaitlin Reilly

Never trust a dude who fakes his accent. That's what Pretty Little Liars taught us during the Season 6 finale, when it was revealed that Alison's husband Dr. Rollins only married the Rosewood High teacher in order to get his hands on her Carissimi Group fortune. Now that Dr. Rollins believes Alison has killed the real love of his life, Charlotte, he's after something else: revenge. Dr. Rollins has locked Alison up in the more-modern version of Radley Sanitarium, where he acts as both her doctor and her all-powerful hubby. The Liars are catching on to his less-than-ethical behavior, but, based off this new promo, it seems like they'll really understand Dr. Rollins' evil ways in upcoming episode "The Talented Mr. Rollins." How will they stop Dr. Rollins from killing Alison? Well... the new promo for Pretty Little Liars' "The Talented Mr. Rollins" hints that the Liars could be burying Dr. Rollins in that grave.

As is typical of Pretty Little Liars, the opening of Season 7 began with a flash-forward to four days into the new season. Three of the Liars — Aria, Spencer, and Emily — are seen burying something (or more likely someone) in the woods. The Liars are visibly upset, but it's Spencer who insists that they keep going because, "It was a well thought out plan, and when it ends like this, it's called first-degree murder." It seems like the Liars are responsible for someone's death this season, and it's very likely that the show will catch up to the flash-forward in "The Talented Mr. Rollins." While we don't know exactly what will go down in the new episode, there are a few clues in the new promo that hint Dr. Rollins might be the one the Liars are burying. Check it out:

The Liars are clearly suspicious of Alison's husband/doctor, and seem to be spending the episode searching for clues that he's bad news. Dr. Rollins is taking his own sketchiness up a notch by putting Alison in a Hannibal Lecter-esque mask, so it looks like he won't be forgiving Alison for (maybe) killing Charlotte any time soon. Fortunately, the new promo shows that Alison is hardly the helpless victim in this situation — after attacking Dr. Rollins in her hospital room, she runs away from the good doctor. And where does she run off to? The woods.

Why is this important? Well, in the promo, the Liars imply that Dr. Rollins is not only the one responsible for Alison's torture, but for Hanna's as well. We know that Hanna is suffering following her kidnapping at A's hands, and that she's acting out in strange ways. (Though I'm firmly on Team Haleb, even I thought her impromptu breakup with Jordan felt a little harsh.) What if Hanna and the Liars follow Dr. Rollins to the woods, where Hanna kills Dr. Rollins as payback for her torture? It would explain why the Liars say "poor Hanna" when they are digging in the woods — Hanna's PTSD caused her to kill someone.

It's a dark theory, but hey, the Liars have to be burying someone in the woods, right? (Well, unless they pull a pig-in-the-car-trunk again.) If Dr. Rollins is the person the show is killing, well, at least we won't be crying over this PLL death.

Images: Freeform; iglifequotes/Tumblr