Taylor Swift's BFF Has Some Major News

Love is in the air — and no, I'm not just saying that because Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have seemingly embarked on a romance-filled world tour. The new couple has been spotted everywhere from Nashville to England to Rome, all in under two weeks. Cupid must be flinging lots of arrows in the "22" singer's inner circle, because Swift's BFF Abigail Anderson just got engaged. She announced the news on both Instagram and Snapchat. Considering how close these two are, Tay should probably prepare herself to be a bridesmaid... again. Back in February, she was her childhood BFF Brit Maak's maid of honor and totally nailed the role. From dress shopping to giving a speech, she had it all covered.

Since Swift is currently jet-setting with her new boo, I wonder if she knew Anderson's boyfriend Matt Lucier was planning to pop the question. After all, the group hung out last week at Selena Gomez's concert. Hiddleswift was dancing right alongside Anderson and Lucier. He could have easily pulled Swift aside and told her about the upcoming engagement. Regardless, I have no doubts that the 26-year-old will be part of the big ceremony, even if she wasn't there for the proposal itself.

While her appearance and her music have changed over the years, Swift's friendship with Anderson has remained a constant. Don't believe me? Here's a round-up of their best BFF moments.

"Picture To Burn" Video

Because duh, of course your best friend is right by your side when spying on your ex. This video was filmed back in 2008.

Dressing Up As Chewbacca

I found this gem on Anderson's Instagram. The caption doesn't add much context, but it's glorious regardless.

Grammy Awards

Instead of bringing a guy, she chose to bring her best friend as her date to the Grammys in 2015. As that old middle-school saying goes, sisters before misters 4ever.

Abigail's Surprise Party

For Anderson's 25th birthday, Swift not only threw her bestie a surprise party, but she brought along her favorite high school band, Dashboard Confessional, to perform.

Sentimental Notes

Pretty sure this is the cutest card ever. Such a sweet gesture.

Selena Gomez Concert

It's impossible not to dance when Gomez's "Same Old Love" plays. So obviously these friends got their groove on.


A true friend is someone who's seen you at your worst. Whether low points in life or goofy faces, they're right alongside you — and that sure seems to be the case with these two.

Congrats to Anderson on the engagement news! It's only a matter of time before Swift posts a gushy Instagram congratulating her.