How Long Is Crystal Pepsi Available? This '90s Treat Is Back For A Limited Time

As a '90s kid, you know there is nothing in this world so satisfying as quenching your epic thirst with a clear beverage that tastes like magic — which is why, when you first heard news that Crystal Pepsi was making its grand but limited-time return this summer, you probably wondered immediately how long will Crystal Pepsi be available? I'm right there with you — and folks, I have answers. Answers you will like. Answers that will make this seem like the best summer ever.

According to a PepsiCo rep, Crystal Pepsi will be available at major retailers in the U.S. starting Aug. 8, and will stick around for eight weeks of glorious, bubbly nostalgia. (For what it's worth, our lucky neighbors to the north in Canada can find the drink in stores starting July 7.) Eight weeks isn't quite as long as Crystal Pepsi die-hards may have hoped for, but it's certainly enough time for you to get your hands on a bottle of this miracle elixir that you used to obsess over as a kid. In fact, that equates to roughly two months of reliving your youth in the form of weirdly clear carbonated beverages. I'll take that over nothing any day — wouldn't you?

In case you're looking for even more '90s love, Pepsi is also launching an Oregon Trail-style game called The Crystal Trail that you can play at starting July 7:

Pepsi on YouTube

Crystal Pepsi, as you may recall, was launched in 1993, but was only around for about a year or so before being archived as a '90s relic. It made a brief yet spectacular comeback in 2015 as part of a PepsiCo sweepstakes, where 13,000 Crystal Pepsi six-packs were up for grabs if you happened to be a lucky winner. These days, you can find the occasional case floating around on eBay, but be warned — it's likely going to cost you.

This time around, though, you can find Crystal Pepsi at $1.79 for a 20 oz. bottle, which should be well within your allowance. The '90s are definitely still alive, and guys? It's amazing.

Images: Courtesy of PepsiCo