What Is Netflix’s ‘Lost In Space’ Based Off Of? This Remake Has Serious Space History

Another Netflix original will soon be making its way to streaming devices everywhere: It was announced on Wednesday that Netflix would be releasing a new series called Lost in Space for audiences to fall in love with. According to TVLine, though, the series is a remake of a previous series — so, it's fair to wonder what Netflix’s Lost in Space based off of. It turns out that this new series is one that has been done before — and it’s one that previous generations have already come to know and love.

That's right: The new series is actually based on the old television series by the same name. The original Lost in Space was on air between 1965 and 1968 and featured a family of space colonists who had ventured into outer space to establish human life elsewhere. But everything went wrong when the family’s spaceship veered off course and they ended up far away from their intended destination.

I like to think of it as The Swiss Family Robinson but in outer space. And with fewer trees.

If you were a fan of the original series, good news: From the description that Netflix announced on Wednesday, this remake could be pretty similar to the original series. Featuring a family who is stranded light years from the place where they were original intended to colonize, the remake will feature the same Robinson family as they are forced to work together to overcome this crisis of universal proportions.


As similar as the two sound, I’m thinking this remake could be even better for a modern audience. In a world where Earth’s resources are increasingly limited, the idea of colonizing outer space isn’t such a distant fantasy, and as a result, he idea of humans leaving earth to establish life elsewhere has become a popular theme in movies and in television series. So I could see this remake really taking off with today’s viewers. Plus, just imagine how much special effects have improved in the 50 years since the show was last on television.

With an interesting story line, great visual effects, and an engaging human element, my guess is that this new Netflix original is going to be one that appeals to old and new fans alike.

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