Kylie Teased New Makeup Products & Fans Freaked

There's pretty much nothing that makes a Kylie Jenner fan more excited than news about her Kylie Cosmetics makeup line, and the reality star and beauty mogul made a little announcement on Wednesday that was majorly exciting for fans. Jenner Instagrammed a picture of her at the Kylie Cosmetics factory and confirmed she's working on expanding the Kylie Cosmetics line. Um, sign me up for basically anything Jenner comes out with — I'm not the only one. The Fan reactions to Kylie Jenner's news about expanding her makeup line were gold.

Ever since Jenner first dropped her Kylie Lip Kits last year, she's been steadily expanding the line, which now includes glosses and metallic shades in addition to the original matte colors. There's been speculation that Jenner will add eye makeup to the Kylie Cosmetics line since April, when she filed a trademark for the words Kyliner, Kyshadow, and Kybrow. There's also been speculation that Jenner would make a foundation, and she already has a line of nail polishes. So she's basically turning into a mini cosmetics mogul before she's even 20. Way to make the rest of us feel inadequate, Kylie. And if this Instagram caption is accurate, new products could be coming in July.

Her fans were, of course, super excited about this official confirmation there's more Kylie Cosmetics products in the work. Reactions were super pumped, like the one from @charla0307, who said "Keep them coming!!" and @mahbu335, who commented, "Can't wait to see what you're cooking up!"

Other fans were super impressed that she is so hands-on with her company, like @dropdeadjohnnie, who said, "Puttin in that work girl 👌💕" and @sir_william34, who tagged a friend and said "she works so hard!!!!!"

They wouldn't be Kylie Cosmetics fans without being super opinionated about what Jenner should make next. "You should make eyebrow and mascara cosmetics!!! I know they would sell amazing!!" from @_baileyhetzel, "Eyebrow please!! 🙏🙏" from @queenwoxanne, "Make highlighter please @kyliejenner" from @kdubbb143, "Kylie should make some false lashes" from @favoritedad and "I'd like to see like a toned down coral & lavender! Maybe a pinky lavender..? I love that all the shades are still wearable for everyday!" from @krysti_peace_makeup87 were just some of the suggestions.

The Twitter reactions were, of course, hilarious.

I don't blame fans for being super excited about Jenner's future products — I know I am. I just can't wait to see what she does next.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat