37 Fictional Drugs To Read Up On, In Case You Ever Find Yourself Inside Your Favorite Book — INFOGRAPHIC

One of the best bits about books is the way they can paint an entirely new universe. Not only do we meet new characters and hear their stories, we also discover untold potions and creatures and places. A new infographic on fictional drugs and substances in both classic and modern literature, films and TV highlights quite how imaginative writers can be. The infographic, created by Jim Adler & Associates, explores 37 literary drugs that might just save your life...but might just destroy it, too.

The substances mentioned range from Felix Felicis from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince , which is dangerous only if the user becomes too arrogant, all the way to the horrible Serum 114 from A Clockwork Orange , which will send shivers down the spine of anyone who's ever read the book.

So in case your wildest dreams ever come true and you find yourself transported inside your favorite book — you're going to want to brush up on all these. I mean, you wouldn't want to end up inside the Chamber of Secrets without knowing to look round corners with a mirror, would you? No. So you definitely wouldn't want to end up in Panem without understanding how addictive Morphling can be either.


Some of these drugs look they'd be pretty fun — the hangover-free Soma looks particularly enticing, for example — but they all have one thing in common: they're double-edged swords. While the effects might be pretty magical for a time, any of these substances could seriously hurt you if you didn't keep your wits about you. Just like in reality, I think the safest thing to do is just to say no.

Image: Jim Adler; Warner Bros. Pictures