A Brexit Dating App Exists, Because Remainers Need Love Too

The world woke up to a shock last week when it discovered the UK had voted to leave the European Union. So of course, the next natural step was a Brexit dating app. I give you: Remainder.

It's actually not as far-fetched as it sounds. Brexit was not expected to happen — 48 percent of people voted for Remain. The government had no plan in case of Brexit. And now, racial attacks are happening, the pound is crashing, and nobody knows what's going to happen next. It's a time of uncertainty and confusion and quite frankly everyone who voted "remain" could really use a cuddle.

So it's no surprise that a dating app for those who voted remain and now are wondering what the eff is going on has emerged. According to their website, "Remainder started as a joke on Friday afternoon, so we’re amazed by the massive levels of interest we’ve had already. We’ve had a huge number of sign ups since the website went live." So who knows where it will go.

Here's what Remainder hopes to achieve, according to a press release:

We think everyone’s entitled to their views and we know that there are many sensible, kind and intelligent Leave voters but our audience is ‘Remainers’ and we’re trying to provide a little comfort for these heartbroken voters.

We created it because all the Remain voters we know seemed so depressed. Our Facebook feeds had turned into a never-ending funeral service.

We thought the best way of recovering must be to go out for a few drinks with someone who’s in the same boat. After all ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ and what we never managed to give Brussels was our British sense of humour.

We’re launching the app ASAP. But we’re just two ordinary voters. We’re crowdfunding the investment needed to get the app & service completed, up and running.

Also this picture is on their website and it's all I ever need for forever:

It's literally the romantic comedy of nightmares. I love it. So lonely Remainers looking for a big spoon in this time of confusion, think of donating.

It's not even close to the most niche dating app we've seen here. Here are some other apps coming from politics:

1. Trump Singles


I mean... it happens.

2. Libertarian Passions


Do you like freedom? Do you like passion? Libertarian Passions is the dating app for you.

3. Maple Match


Probably the closest to a U.S. version of Remainder, Maple Match will set you up with Canadians. You know, for if Trump wins and you need to flee to Canada ASAP. You're laughing now, but in November you might just be grateful.

Images: Fotolia; Remainderapp.co.uk; Giphy (3)