Fish Cone Ice Cream Is Swimmingly Delicious

by Dasha Fayvinova

With the summer heat reaching the highest of highs, a refreshing treat is always welcome! Ice cold drinks, soft serve ice cream, and even shaved ice are all top-selling favorites. It seems like this summer, a new kid on the block has everyone freaking out and salivating — the fish cone ice cream. Before you panic thinking that fish is the new Dulce de Leche, fish cones are just soft serve goodness placed inside of a fish shaped waffle cone. Hold for applause.

The origins of this unique tasty treat is a Japanese pancake-like snack of the same shape. Traditionally, it is filled with red bean paste, but when combined with soft serve ice cream, it is top-notch sweet creativity at its best. The custard/ice cream is scooped into the open mouth of the fish cone, making it look both whimsical and too good to consume. Luckily, most of us will get over that pretty fast in order to enjoy the enticing desert.

So far, the internet has given us visuals worthy of their own magazine spread. I wouldn't say no to a catalog of photos featuring custard dripping over the fish cone's side. The flavor combinations have been mostly vanilla with an occasional green matcha cone mixed in. Personally, I would be down to try a cookies and cream version or even a peanut butter cup creation myself. If you are also looking to try these out yourself, you will have to purchase a plane ticket. The first ones that were being reported were being sold in Sydney, Australia. Honestly, from the picture below, it might be worth the trip overseas!

After doing a little research I found places in Los Angeles, Canada, and New York all willing to make this treat for you. So maybe you can avoid the long flight and just have to survive a car trip or subway ride to your nearest fish cone provider.

Just imagine all the cute pictures you will take and the sweet taste of ice cream you will experience! I'm ready.

I personally really like the photos of the balled ice cream. I think it looks really cool and kind of like the fish has a surprise in it's mouth. I will have to try these out myself though.

It's probably much easier to eat soft serve ice cream from one of these fish cones than eating scoops, but what can I say? A girl wants what a girl wants!

Images: Courtesy of hungryfoodietoo/Instagram